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  1. This is bullshit, the game is running on nvidia's servers, so all networking must be proxied through their servers. Meaning you're assigned a different IP address that will be reused by multiple people It's honestly dumb permanent IP bans even exist nowadays due to ISPs using dynamic IP addresses or technologies such as CG-NAT Do you actually believe this dude tried evading on 17 accounts?
  2. I'm gonna miss you, I just returned finally from holiday leave.

    - Warden

  3. Extacy


    Hey boys, honestly I never thought this day would come, however for the past month or so I have been contemplating my resignation. Like most of you gamers 😈 I have lost all motivation to play csgo. (I genuinely don’t remember the last time I opened the game) Having joined this community over 3.5 years ago, I would say it’s been a good run - from being permabanned 3 times, to Jailbreak Operator and finally Developer/Head Admin, I want to give the big men upstairs a huge gracias for giving me all the opportunities that led me to my position today. Firm handshakes everyone🤝
  4. colin Operator (MG) / Event Coordinator 414 290 posts Report post (IP: ) Posted 7 hours ago +rep goated at ljs 1 1 Klitch and Awaffle reacted to this Quote Edit Options
  5. The Boys Season 3 @ Extacy | STEAM_1:0:111383297 | YES @colinkr | STEAM_1:1:95883387
  6. Extacy


    sup i've never remembered to make intro posts on time, only like 20 days late for this one
  7. windows wallpaper: wallpaper engine: hidden taskbar ftw The left monitor with wallpaper engine changes theme throughout the day (day/night cycle, you see the sun setting and shit)
  8. Extacy

    yellow now

    quality shitpost piss yellow btw @wooper
  9. Yeah this is one of the many planned changes we have for Jailbreak
  10. Hey everyone! If you're reading this you've probably noticed the forum looks a little different. I've updated the forums to this theme (lowkey been using it for like a year) If you have any suggestions/visual bugs post it here. Or if you just generally dislike this theme then be honest! We can always change it later.
  11. Still waiting for a response from @rage since this should have been a CT Ban and not a server ban. Regardless, I don't remember you ever being problematic much, +rep