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  1. +rep you've upped your activity. Just wish interacted with people more in game
  2. Welcome to the forums :)
  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. Adding that to the redie menu makes it look like shiet
  8. I think the server was just bugged and the day wasn't loaded properly so it was returning SNGJAILBREAK_INVALID_DAY_INDEX. Should be fixed in #dceff5d
  9. Happy Birthday!

  10. Happy Birthday!

  11. Well since I'm unable to test this but I'm fairly sure the plugins are possibly conflicting I just enabled bhop + speed during freeze tag. If you fancy a better solution (i.e. successfully disabling bhop without that lag happening) make a pull request :) ^ Still need to be done. Beacons still feel too long to place.. Maybe a delay of 1 second and hide the chat message? @ Diam0ndz Can you update LSlay and Ghost Edit:
  12. still happens Can this get a 3 countdown (that shows on their screens) before they get their weapons? Like 3.. 2.. 1... Fire! Right now it's pretty awkward knowing when to start because you either get domed by the T first or you shoot them first before they give any rules or say to begin. So the Cvar is set but you still can't damage your self in the LR. I tested the cvar on myself and it works on another server. Is there something coded plugin-wise?
  13. Confirmed to happen when warmup starts and ends
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