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  1. windows wallpaper: wallpaper engine: hidden taskbar ftw The left monitor with wallpaper engine changes theme throughout the day (day/night cycle, you see the sun setting and shit)
  2. Extacy

    yellow now

    quality shitpost piss yellow btw @wooper
  3. Yeah this is one of the many planned changes we have for Jailbreak
  4. Hey everyone! If you're reading this you've probably noticed the forum looks a little different. I've updated the forums to this theme (lowkey been using it for like a year) If you have any suggestions/visual bugs post it here. Or if you just generally dislike this theme then be honest! We can always change it later.
  5. Still waiting for a response from @rage since this should have been a CT Ban and not a server ban. Regardless, I don't remember you ever being problematic much, +rep
  6. The Boys S2:E7 @ Extacy | xtcpls#6268 @colinkr | colinkr#hello @Kakashi | DavidTheGreat#5048 @tie | idk @Samy | VariableBrute#9909 Sub - @✪Bot Shroudツ | idk
  7. hbd u fucking retarded black hog <3

  8. Happy Birthday 



    ^ u 


    1. Extacy


      i sent this to you :FeelsWeirdMan:

    2. colinkr
  10. happy birthday to the most kind admin

  11. HBD XTC!!

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