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  1. im probably not wining this lol
  2. I want to put myself in a position where I have a sustainable career that generates enough income to combat the rising costs of living and not put me in a disadvantaged position where I end up destroying my life.
  3. I'm just gonna enjoy the drama
  4. you can pick up weapons when not the right round if the weapon ends up droping (eg pick up awp on scout or knife rounds) before it just wouldn't let you pick them up. bhop sng has a zeus in the middle tower i believe
  5. owo_Kek_owo


    Ziorky STEAM_1:0:231990189 Walls + Aim, maybe silent aim https://plays.tv/video/5c1b0c923695d2813d/walls-and-aim His aim seems to snap onto heads way to easy. The last clip in slow motion shows a snap to the head behind the wall before snapping back to its original position. SG AWP
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