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  1. Bye Dondo I know we always didn’t get along but I’m hoping for the best man ✌️
  2. Ok on a real note I miss this feature. I used to rock the cardiac as my awp skin +rep
  3. @Trumpetnah I’m not running for admin
  4. When I first joined the sever i went under the name thelegend27 but that was in 2016 i now go under the name “.Fate” I did that in 2017 and that’s still my name I thought the word was cool tbh but what I found out this year is that my favorite anime series has the same name as my steam name lol
  5. .Fate


    It really sucked a lot of my friends are taking engineering so they aren’t at school for more than half the day
  6. That’s scary for the inactive ones...
  7. Changing to a -rep he’s got cheats so we gonna bring him back so he can “Accidentally” cheat again???
  8. +rep if dark says your not mature you must be mature
  9. -rep immature nah I’m just being salty he roasted me on a post the other day lmao
  10. +rep don’t own a truck but he still a homie
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