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  1. I really hope things get better with this community the awp servers were my childhood
  2. Counter-strike Global Offensive 2020.06.01 -
  3. just got messaged by you.... so you account is deleted?
  4. .Fate

    Happy Early Bday Zarn

  5. Hey it’s fate I was wondering if you guys knew of any good mics for streaming or recording I’m trying not to spend more than 150 bucks since I have no job due to the covid so yeah if you guys know of any please let me know Thanks! -.Fate
  6. I agree with him I usually hop on when points reset and when I get way to far behind I get on less I like it should be a 2 month thing tbh
  7. I like this idea you would’ve lost me if you said bring back wall hack rounds lmao that was rough when they added that i really like the idea of the low gravity mode I hope that makes it in. I would like to see drug round return aswell. Also can we bring back lil dicky the 90s round end music please if that was added back it would bring me back to 2016 oh god the nostalgia... 1:36 to 1:42 used to be played (letting the people know who wasn’t blessed to hear this in the sever back then) I hope you guys would take it into consideration to add it! +rep
  8. Very generous man I really respect that! Also happy birthday!
  9. Ok ill hop on amazon and but some thanks!
  10. Oh man thats a shame ill have to probably find a tv at the ext garage sale thanks for letting me know :)
  11. Happy Birthday!

  12. Hey guys me and my cousin got a hold of a NES and a Super Nintendo I’m not sure what cables I need I have no clue where I could get a adapter piece and is there a way to adapt vga cables To a modern tv all input is appreciated! they are also both originals Thanks -Fate
  13. Don't click on these he wants your items just be careful i feel like i shouldn't have tell people this but like 20 people in my friends list has fallen for it... -.Fate
  14. Hell yeah brother Yee Yee