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  1. .Fate

    Selfie Topic

    I’m so cool this (pic is a year old btw)
  2. .Fate

    Cheer me up

    Sorry to hear that man these always make me laugh 043047F4-2FAA-4F00-A47C-8A0905676350.MOV 626566C8-005B-4818-9C12-7CFA05D97FD9.MP4
  3. The opening scene of goodfellas
  4. +rep only problem I have with him is he got no mic but he still does his job well
  5. I used to play basketball I quit last year :(
  6. -neutral I’ve seen him on he’s not that active he doesn’t say much either...
  7. If they brought it back I’d check it out...
  8. Bruh lymbo happy birthday man thanks for the 10 credits that one time lol


  9. -Neutral He’s a funny guy and he know the rules but I have to agree with @Rage and @903 I mean we all have our moments but it seems like you have them pretty consistent. If you could tone it down I think you would be a great super!
  10. We should get rid of them then bring back round end music I miss lil dicky the 90s lets also bring back the 1v1 music aswell
  11. Stance used my profile song I changed it asap

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