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  1. i get what your saying but like the server would have died sooner or later but banning the fun ppl made it die faster.
  2. +rep all my homies luv egg
  3. I get what you are saying but thats what makes it fun for a lot of the ppl on the jb server. Also how can you even comment on it you didn't play jb? Just because the server you were in had this type of environment where people left the server because of toxicity doesnt apply to other servers becuz on jb im pretty sure no one took it too heart even though it did seem hurtful at least from my pov. (also there is sometimes where people took it to heart, but it never killed the server).
  4. tbh i didn't mean to post in the senior admin application i swear i thought it was off topic but now the last time i saw people they were just boring asf
  5. agreed i didnt even know rasqy was banned :(
  6. After seeing the Nostalgia trip, i really do miss the old jb because you could just shit on ppl and roast the shit out of them. Could there be like someday in december or some month that all the og jb ppl could play again? @Noodlesssss @nat @Tubby @HunterM @Flowey @7/11 is bae @ Extacy @tooba @Spooky @naK @Chase88 @VeloxAttack @ proobs @Thing 1™ @ Sixredfish @Aries @Tittbutts McLairne @Bottomfraf @Oni @M17 @weebed @August @finesse @Earl @EURFLY @godface @HabaNero @jimmy @Rasqy @skewby @ASkittlez @lloyd @Ron Weasley @Trash Is Me @arrows @sinjin @Teddy @Johnny131 @thicc @WotInTarnation @Country
  7. png

    its been awhile

    was he not ? ? fuck ass bitch
  8. png

    Nostalgia trip

    server banned all the fun ppl once that happened then the server died lol
  9. png

    nat what is up sex time it is!!!!