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  1. Strong +rep I’ve known twin since I first started playing and he was never toxic nor did he have negative intentions towards the server or players. Twin has always been a fun person to joke and hang around with. I have talked with twin and I can see a more mature person who wants a second chance on a sever he loves. Twin may have been edgy but never edgy enough to get banned to look cool in front of those guys. In my opinion I think twin should be unbanned, he knows that those sorts of jokes should not be made and he also knows that his actions if he is unbanned will be closely looked at
  2. People delaying should just get a beacon if it continues then a slay but it usually never continues i agree with B0xerZ on this, /follow and X-ray are pretty helpful for catching hackers.
  3. Champi0n

    AWP Tourney

    oof if only i wasnt dead
  4. Sup bottom loser man
  5. Champi0n


    i played the digiridoo back in australia for some school thing
  6. :( one punch man got delayed

  7. Gravy for pope

    1. Warden Flamewater

      Warden Flamewater

      did you edit your post?

    2. Champi0n


      No idk what happened

    3. Warden Flamewater

      Warden Flamewater

      well its a known forum bug to edit your status updates for them to be visible

  8. wads the song like the gameplay, you must have a pro gaming chair
  9. bye bye hope life treats you well it was fun talking with you those few times
  10. Champi0n


    getting drunk
  11. yes thank you for this gift
  12. Champi0n


    hello welcome
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