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  1. also make it so people can't grab guns from armory. shits annoying when someone grabs a negev
  2. Tubby


    if you're gonna mfk at least hit your shots @"bismult for future reference just edit previous posts :)
  3. Tubby


    I liked sharking
  4. +rep, I see you enforce rules often showing you have an understanding of the server. add to recs if ya want :)
  5. +rep. Has the time played to fully understand rules, would be a nice addition
  6. Nothing personal, but I honestly feel that Extacy has the background knowledge needed for operator. gl anyways <3
  7. +rep, only jb super fit for the position imo
  8. I like this idea I also like the tap terrorist minigame from arcade, if you guys think you can mimic that?
  9. @proobs I typically see mouswheel users averaging around 7, I don't personally get above 10 very often. As Satellite said, the numbers above 10 just seem too consistent to me. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  10. get rid of guns and only allow knifing, like diamondz said, make it an insta kill for cts. (2 or 3 hits for ts? considering there's more ts than cts)
  11. +rep, kids been around as long as I can remember
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