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  1. Reward the winning team, add a speed cap. The day has potential just needs to be touched up on. I like this too @Noodlesssss
  2. I was the one that banned you. Six was minding his own business doing everything he could to ignore you, yet you continued to try to get under his skin. You were initially muted, which should have been warning enough especially considering your extensive commban history. It's not your place to "test" the admins in this community, they were accepted for one reason or another, and if you feel someone is acting out of line you can record and post an admin complaint, I suggest using the time of this ban to consider how future punishments may turn out. I'll post evidence once it's uploaded.
  3. Tubby

    Merci SNG

    sucks to see you go but gl homie appreciate everything you've done
  4. ok so hear me out here. shots has had his moments, honestly most of his time within the community he has been wildly toxic, but recently he's shown improvement, nowhere near as hotheaded and I actually see him enforcing rules respectfully not the typical "fuck you idiot", sure he may just clean up his act around admins and if so my apologies for being blind. I was thinking more along the lines of jb trial to see how things go
  5. gonna go ahead and +rep because you've held the position before. Although you can be a little retarded you know when you need to be serious. your activity has increased lately and we runnin low on jb supers
  6. Tubby

    Map Timer Reset

    If all guards leave the CT team with no one in guard queue the map timer resets
  7. If all guards leave the CT team with no one in guard queue the map timer resets View full bug
  8. +rep, genuinely cares for the server and it's well being. GL brother
  9. Player Name Tubby Steam ID STEAM_1:0:83671751 Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/id/SNGTubby Is your forum account linked to Steam? Yes Age 17 Why would you be a good Operator? I have roughly 2 and a half years of experience with SNG's JB community, stuck around through it's darker days as well as it's more notable days, seen many operators pass, and through this time I've developed relationships with most of the servers player base while expanding this number as new people come around. These things make me a good candidate because I've seen what works and what doesn't, I am a reasonable person willing to listen to suggestions, noting what may or may not be good from said suggestions while being able to voice my opinion in a respectful way. I would also like to implement zombie day in a more ZE feeling way, rather than "alive" camp high up ledges that are nearly impossible to reach for infected. What changes would you make to the mapcycle, if any, to make the server more enjoyable? I don't feel any maps need to be removed nor added as of now and would do monthly polls taking player suggestions for maps to add/remove. What rule changes would you make, if any, to make the server more enjoyable? The only rule I would like to see touched up on is how ct's can pursue, making it so CT's can re-enter armory in pursuit of a t ONLY if they know for a fact they are there, otherwise must follow through vents. More so for maps that don't have vents. Do you understand you the role that JB Operator plays in SNG? Yes Have you read and met all requirements for this position? Yes
  10. Tubby

    is julia a male

    do you have an application written and waiting in your notes for the moment you hit 20 posts?
  11. @ Diam0ndz just the ss. how is it not sus? people have a hard time getting a .3 perf with scrollwheel let alone spacebar? yes the ss is what he was banned off of
  12. https://gyazo.com/767f3cc2dbe402ed025d3be5051e74e5
  13. Tubby

    Making ttt Better

    honestly don't think you can increase overall probability of getting t, considering rng is rng and even with higher chances you could just as easily get fucked :d unless you increased individual % chance which just sounds like a pain in the ass

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