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  1. I'm cool with unban, other than the sudden mfk I've had no issues with him. why bother if you give no input?
  2. unfortunately not, never really recorded for a ctban. even if it wasn't intentional why throw breach charges near a stack of 20+ ts in the first place???
  3. Tubby

    Is a babbyy

    Congrats homie! gl with real life and adult things
  4. days menu prevents days being called one after another and keeps things organized, why get rid of it?
  5. Tubby

    Selfie Topic

    wow dude do you smoke weed or something? I wish I could be like you :(
  6. Tubby

    hi chain

    gamer girls are unmatched
  7. Again, Six isn't the one that banned you, I was. Not gonna bother posting evidence because you owned up to your mistake. The ban was a week long due to you being a constant issue on the servers, again, considering your extensive commban history, and multiple warning from multiple admins on multiple occasions. I mean come on man... this is getting a little repetitive. edit previous posts instead of making new ones for every response please. While yes you've been getting better, you still like to push admins buttons and constantly disobey admin orders
  8. Reward the winning team, add a speed cap. The day has potential just needs to be touched up on. I like this too @Noodlesssss
  9. I was the one that banned you. Six was minding his own business doing everything he could to ignore you, yet you continued to try to get under his skin. You were initially muted, which should have been warning enough especially considering your extensive commban history. It's not your place to "test" the admins in this community, they were accepted for one reason or another, and if you feel someone is acting out of line you can record and post an admin complaint, I suggest using the time of this ban to consider how future punishments may turn out. I'll post evidence once it's uploaded.
  10. Tubby

    Merci SNG

    sucks to see you go but gl homie appreciate everything you've done
  11. ok so hear me out here. shots has had his moments, honestly most of his time within the community he has been wildly toxic, but recently he's shown improvement, nowhere near as hotheaded and I actually see him enforcing rules respectfully not the typical "fuck you idiot", sure he may just clean up his act around admins and if so my apologies for being blind. I was thinking more along the lines of jb trial to see how things go
  12. gonna go ahead and +rep because you've held the position before. Although you can be a little retarded you know when you need to be serious. your activity has increased lately and we runnin low on jb supers
  13. Tubby

    Map Timer Reset

    If all guards leave the CT team with no one in guard queue the map timer resets

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