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  1. I've honestly always like boom and never had issues with him until the ban, that being said, he is a very long time player and 100% knew better than to use scripts on the servers and really didn't seem to care considering he was literally talking about how he was scripting. I'm gonna give him the benefit of the doubt because this was the first negative encounter I've had with him and +rep the appeal, maybe reduce ban time to a couple weeks or so.
  2. https://gyazo.com/80833827925389a77900da4fd350c1c3 @Thing 1™ Not to get off topic but why exactly would it not warrant a ban? There is clearly some sort of assistance there.
  3. I used to be your typical overweight 12 year old gamer and went with Tubby Teeks, @TubbyTeeks <3, Wanted something shorter and most people that I played with referred to me as Tubby, I guess it just kinda stuck. I continue to use it because well... that's what everyone knows me by :d
  4. Tubby


    all these us niggas I don't start until the 3rd
  5. Tubby

    Favorite color!

    ThOsE aReN't CoLoUrS @wooper water's dry change my mind
  6. I like the idea of this however some secrets can be utilized during the round. Perhaps give a limited amount of time where ts can do secrets, etc. via timer (like the one on zombie day) then afterwards they'd have to actively pursue the warday area. Before anyone brings up that cts are already at a number disadvantage, cts also get to lock down an area and watch all entrances, meaning cts with more than half a brain can effectively eliminate all ts within that 2-3 minute time frame. To keep it balanced, possibly remove expansions until you are the last surviving ct while making it so ts MUST pursue the warday area and failing to do so results in a slay. Edit- @ing @Alex @Extacy
  7. Tubby

    Selfie Topic

    Hype beasts literally gonna be the reason the human race dies
  8. Tubby

    Ban Appeal: Gord

    with that being said I'm down for unban +rep
  9. Tubby

    Ban Appeal: Gord

    https://gyazo.com/e06e6e381ee2d0dd2519836b64d58d20 https://gyazo.com/10e9580bf7863ccf6f0002eb3eaf54f7 @Gord the first one is your jumpstats (how many times you use your jump key before landing, I may be wrong) second one I don't know too much about other than having that high of a number makes things look bad in your case. Claiming to use a mouse function doesn't prove a whole lot, people lie. If anyone else has knowledge of this they can post a response, other than that you just have to wait for community input.
  10. -rep, you were a frequent player on the servers and should have known better. Side note, you were often a problem on JB. You alongside waves and leo can be pretty fucking annoying if I'm being honest, the three of you act braindead together, single out and piss off anyone you see make a mistake, as well as push admins buttons as far as you can. @Warden Flamewater I know you have a past with them. Would like to hear your input
  11. Tubby

    Happy noise :)

    Cleaned out my closet today and found this bad boy, it's worth close to $1000 up here in Canada!
  12. Tubby

    M17 Admin Abuse

    @M17 Kill was justified, for future reference. @Finta No need to reply to every single comment, just edit previous posts and @ whoever it is you're trying to reach
  13. Tubby

    M17 Admin Abuse

    follow the format. I said it <3 fr though you're just making yourself look bad finta, take a breather. You tend to try to bend rules in your favor every time I see you on, maybe try messaging the admin directly and try to resolve your issues there before jumping to the forums without evidence.
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