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  1. Finta

    [JB] MoonjailV2 Bug

    When the t's play the game "box knife" it crashed everyone and the server by issuing too many commands.
  2. When the t's play the game "box knife" it crashed everyone and the server by issuing too many commands. View full bug
  3. Why was the name bot nek0 then? The account is a fresh account as well. Also immediately after you got on the server and got banned you made this post. Doesn't add up
  4. noice case. I will open it if i get it
  5. Finta

    Ban Appeal: Gord

    He legit m8. My friend irl has one and he pulls off insane hops. It really isn't that hard to pull off hops on a server with plugins to make it bhop easier. @Tubbydo you have video? I can determine if it is a script or if he is good.
  6. This will be a contest. Post your cringy jokes here. Rules: #1 No copypastas >:(. #2 Freedom of speech is allowed :) dun care about racism but no spam. #3 Do not shipost or you will automatically be disqualified! How to Win: Have the post with the most likes! Top post will be given 25 cases and a sand dune! (Am broke but if this goes well I will do another with a $20 Item) GL! Ends 8/10/19 8 PM Central
  7. Finta


    Jesus exactly what I listen to
  8. What matters is how well you can communicate with a team. If you find the right members you will not lose unless there are hackers or a pro team against you.
  9. +rep Look, we all make mistakes. He did it once and should be given another chance.
  10. Finta

    M17 Admin Abuse

    Shooting someone for continuously jumping is not nazi at all. When they bhop torwards warden half the time they knife and/or kill them. As a ct I prevent. I do not have evidence for other stuff but you made me made when you said that you didnt care. Watch what you say next time and don't instantly slay someone without discussing it with them or the server. Also I know that you play TTT a lot but JB is different. EDIT: Sunless a server for JB so ask him first since you do not play the server a lot.
  11. Finta

    M17 Admin Abuse

    Proof is up there and @m17 just said stuff about it.
  12. Finta

    M17 Admin Abuse

    @Tubby @justin.@Trumpet@Sunless I do not bend rules. I enforce them though because admins don't. If you think I do reread them please (I am not trying to offend @Tubby) I tried talking with M17 but he did not care.
  13. Finta

    M17 Admin Abuse

    Shots needs to stop trying to wait to shit on post that I make and I have proof but eating 1 sec
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