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Everything posted by Finta

  1. We sold the hvh server for $$$ -I will try my best to not get mad so easily (bc I hate everything) -I think I figured out a way to stop server crashing @ Diam0ndzone of the custom plug ins is not up to date on jb ehich interferes with csgo files in theory makes the person crash etc etc -Not looking for trouble so don't start any and I won't -Who is on the event team bc I will fund the next giant jb event :) @NoodlesssssAk Bloodsport ft is in :)
  2. 1) Player's in game name(s) - https://steamcommunity.com/id/Chokeytheunactiveuser/ or Admin Impersonater 2) Steam ID(s) of reported player(s) - STEAM_0:0:170706796 3) Reason for report being made - Ban evading/Breaking Rules On JB/Abusing Calladmin ALSO IMPERSONATING SAMY BEFORE! (Check Frostwater Post Below) 4) Evidence against player being reported - Was banned on jb for mfking a few times then on the forums and started being retarded. I don't have evidence BUT I know people remember him. I need people that remember him to comment on this post. Edit: He most likely got un banned because the servers rolled back. But his forum account it gone. HE IS NOT COOLDUCK @FeelsBαdMαɴ and please don't shitpost on here :)
  3. You can place two beacons down using warden menu. Close this pls https://steamcommunity.com/id/Finta420/screenshot/778490305161984869
  4. This will keep people that have not read rules off of ct. BIG +REP
  5. -rep still breaking fucking jb rules
  6. I meant the color black isnt in the shop oof
  7. Putting a 3 hour guard time on new peeps can make the spinbotters not instantly get on ct. It also makes new players read the rules and less people will get banned.
  8. This is going to sound weird but my favorite anime is domestic girlfriend. Its good.
  9. @Smashyread please instead of emoting confused @Smashysecond sentence btw
  10. He didnt try shooting you. You just shot him instantly because you thought he was alone
  11. Didn't and you keep saying I did. Please just stop trying to cover this up. He didnt hit you once. You are just making stuff up now
  12. Where does it say that? I dont see it @Smashy
  13. I did not say anyone's name. I just said "kos smashy"
  14. I saw you kill him *Saw you kill the first guy Zero two*
  15. Finta

    Smashy TTT report

    1) Admin's in game name(s) - smashy 2) Steam ID(s) of reported admin(s) - STEAM_0:1:216654947 3) Reason for report being made - I saw smashy kill budders and he slayed me saying it was rdm. And I told him I saw him do it but he will not believe me. He then slayed me for the next round telling because he "did not kill anyone" as said in chat. He also told me to "make a complaint if I then since I told him it was a false slay. 4) Evidence against admin(s) being reported - edits: @SmashyI would have been fine if you just admitted to false slaying me. You went out of your way to just slay me even though I saw you do it. You were really toxic about being killed and you made this get out of hand. This wouldn't have happend if you just owned up bud. I respect you as an admin but this just went a little far.
  16. Finta

    [JB] MoonjailV2 Bug

    When the t's play the game "box knife" it crashed everyone and the server by issuing too many commands.
  17. When the t's play the game "box knife" it crashed everyone and the server by issuing too many commands. View full bug

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