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  1. With it being my birthday recently i decided to get a Nintendo Switch Lite, and, was wondering what games are good and which games to get/avoid. Any advice, tips, thoughts and suggestion are will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Just wondering how the hell im going to Learn Algebra 2 shit through google classroom...
  3. Mario


    Congratulations Ex, You going to be a great addition to this server.
  4. +rep, I love playing with Balls every once in awhile.
  5. Oatmeal do kinda smack though
  6. Its pretty fun, well if your not running it on a complete potato of a PC. A couple of the maps are garbage though and there are maps a few maps where you can just spawn camp the shit out of the enemy team, which can get really annoying if your on the receiving end (Fucking Euphrates Bridge but i still like the map though). They need to bring some more maps from past Cods, which they have been doing.
  7. Mario


    I watch alot of Jimmy Kimmel Live
  8. Mario

    Thank you SNG

    Thank you for your contribution to this community, Good luck for the future man.
  9. Depending on the map you only need a good warden. #PostGoonSquadDaysWereLit
  10. If we completely merge, we should use our forums instead of theirs.
  11. Mario


    Love you bb
  12. Mario


    Noodlessss out here getting all the Good Noodle stars Congrats my dude you definitely deserve this. Easily one of my favorite trios of people to fuck around with.

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