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Poi poi Spartan

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  1. +rep I've known element for a long time now so I know he's a good dude. Having him back would be nice.
  2. Player Name Poi poi Spartan Steam ID STEAM_0:0:168284870 Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198296835468/ Is your forum account linked to Steam? Yes Age 21 Admin Recommendations Mythin, BOxerZ, Loft, fade, Extacy, King Kazma, Zurr Why would you be a good admin? I've been playing on the awp server for over three years now and since I've been sticking around for so long I decided to see if I can help out since I am going to be more consistent with my activity now that I am finishing up college. I have two years of admin experience from when I was a super admin on a Gmod prophunt server that went down permanently two years ago. I am familiar with the rules for the servers I've played on and am prepared to learn what I need to in order to be a suitable admin. Primary Server Awp Secondary Servers 1v1 Have you read and met all requirements for this position? Yes
  3. Got gifted among us and I have yet to learn how to play even though I've been in a couple games and I've never played fall guys but they are both very much party games which means its only really fun with friends.
  4. +rep known him for a couple years now so I'm confident that he will do a good job.
  5. +rep this a pretty awesome dude I'm sure he'll do good
  6. too bad nobody remembers my from back then but thats how it goes when you dont have a mic lol.
  7. this is quality content for sure lol
  8. Welcome to the forums buddy
  9. It's technically not wrong for including more days since it does in fact show the previous 30 days as well. Since the date is shown at each point on the graph I don't think it will be hard for anyone to figure it out.

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