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  1. I've hung around this kid for a good while, I know he's been really immature in the passed but I've watched him grow to be better. I know he cut ties with those that have persuaded him to do wrong and now he's trying to be better. +rep for ele :)))
  2. so you gonna @ me or wassup?
  3. FeelsBαdMαɴ

    Moving on

    I heard about this a bit late but I love you bb :^) You and I are on to great things, I can feel it (just like your pp ;D )
  4. +rep I've known this lil shit for quite some time, I know he's ready and he's not retarded. I'm 100% sure, he'll be a great admin.
  5. I saw other posts about this and thought that I might do the same because I've got too much on my plate this year. I got research labs to attend and club activities and events to be a part of. I've been here for a good amount of time and met people I won't be able to forget. I would just like to say to everyone I have met and talked to consistently on the servers, thank you and I will wish the best for you. I would like to especially thank: @ Diam0ndz@ MERICA@ proobs @Lawl @Rain@Patman@Mythin@rage@Nairb@The Golden Medic@Bottomfraf@Zarn@Ryan @B0xerZ @george @Duckyy @lloyd@Azecko @lexa @Alex @Earthling @Nikeaj @Isaac @Satellite @redderfry@Loft @why @trey@Barthur @Element @Elegy @Ugly Frenchie @Jako- one of the best operators <3 @KING KAZMA - my little dim sum ball Too many to mention, but thanks for everything
  6. Bye Lexa! I'll miss seeing you on the awp server :((( Best of luck on your future success!
  7. Chava & Tieko Lloyd Ducky Why Klitch
  8. +rep I’m 100% confident in this. I know Laloyd will be one of best super admins with me :))))
  9. DUDE 100% +REP!!!!!!!!!!! Jakey boy would be great for this! He's my model :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD He'll know if someone is fit to be admin (and ready for super and other shit)
  10. YO WASSUP KIMO LONG TIME MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))))
  11. I'll get back on TTT if this kid can come back +rep
  12. -rep you fucking unvaccinated fuck
  13. Dam awp really do be havin the best operator and supers I'm so happy for you big man, I'm gonna be active for you!!!!!!!!!!!! but just like not right now bcs i got alot of chem lab but give it time
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