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  1. happy birthday man hope life's treating you well

  2. I've hung around this kid for a good while, I know he's been really immature in the passed but I've watched him grow to be better. I know he cut ties with those that have persuaded him to do wrong and now he's trying to be better. +rep for ele :)))
  3. so you gonna @ me or wassup?
  4. FeelsBαdMαɴ

    Moving on

    I heard about this a bit late but I love you bb :^) You and I are on to great things, I can feel it (just like your pp ;D )
  5. +rep I've known this lil shit for quite some time, I know he's ready and he's not retarded. I'm 100% sure, he'll be a great admin.
  6. I saw other posts about this and thought that I might do the same because I've got too much on my plate this year. I got research labs to attend and club activities and events to be a part of. I've been here for a good amount of time and met people I won't be able to forget. I would just like to say to everyone I have met and talked to consistently on the servers, thank you and I will wish the best for you. I would like to especially thank: @ Diam0ndz@ MERICA@ proobs @Lawl @Rain@Patman@Mythin@rage@Nairb@The Golden Medic@Bottomfraf@Zarn@Ryan @B0xerZ @george @Duckyy @lloyd@Azecko @le
  7. Bye Lexa! I'll miss seeing you on the awp server :((( Best of luck on your future success!
  8. Chava & Tieko Lloyd Ducky Why Klitch
  9. +rep I’m 100% confident in this. I know Laloyd will be one of best super admins with me :))))
  10. DUDE 100% +REP!!!!!!!!!!! Jakey boy would be great for this! He's my model :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD He'll know if someone is fit to be admin (and ready for super and other shit)
  11. YO WASSUP KIMO LONG TIME MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))))
  12. I'll get back on TTT if this kid can come back +rep
  13. -rep you fucking unvaccinated fuck