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  1. Where to begin? George has been around the scene for a good amount of time and has been helpful and impactful in the scene. He's been around to help members and new-comers that are on our servers. He makes sure that everyone is following the rules and having a great time. He's definitely enjoyable to be around on the server, genuinely, he's one of the best I've came across during my time here. When I started playing on TTT, around the time he started to play, he helped me understand everything within the server. Also, he was there to help me when I became an admin and a super, I'm thankful and lucky for George's help. And now, Im one of the best super admins * . I'm surely confident that he will be a great mentor to new players and to new admins. Oh and +rep *actually @Zarn @Jako @Ryan are the best super admins ;o
  2. Yo wthhhh, you said being an admin was gay :((( + rep for my bab, he’s a real good lad and I know he will be a great addition to Awp 😉 smh didn’t even ask for my rec 🥺🥺🥺.....
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  4. +rep, he's kinda gay, so idk, maybe, idk man, maayyyybeee??? idkkkk
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