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  1. per+ !rovaf rop nimda rrreeeepppppus eb ot mih ekil dluow i tub drater a si mottoB
  2. I'd give my left nut for that snek tec 9
  3. +rep, Klitch knows his shit and knows how and when to enforce the rules when needed. I very much trust him being admin on MY server :) gl mate
  4. Dam, how long did it fuckin take you to make an intro?? Welcome to the forums budy ! P.S. your laughs haunt my dreams...
  5. THIS IS FROM MY EXPERIENCE WITH HIM, SO DO WITH IT AS YOU WILL I'm going with a big ol' -rep. At first you were a fine guy, chill and joked around on the server, then you just made a full 180 fucking turn. You began to be very annoying on the server, mainly towards me, at first i thought it was just banter then you began to be very persistent. You clearly knew my attitude towards you, but you seem to ignore it and persist onward. I'm fine with banter to a certain extent and I mainly like joking around on the server to make it more enjoyable, but your "bantering" just made me really just not like being on at the same time. Meh, i try to ignore most of the time but only to a certain point. Also, you've consistently "T-baited" me on the server (can't provide anything atm since my video files from plays got wiped) and I've told you to stop, yet you don't. It's fine with me if we both somehow "communicate" with one another that we're joking around and having fun, but even then it gets annoying to a certain extent. As long as I see it, you're NOT fit to be admin. Will you ever be fit to be admin? Who fucking knows, but you're not even close right now. Tis the end.
  6. Can’t wait to absolutely win this tournament! Goodluck everyone ;)))!
  7. "My pussy hurts"

    Happy Birthatatalklakalday, forg! 

    1. forge



  8. I started out on awp, and ummmmm my original name will not be mentioned. I changed it to this to match with my brother "FeelsGoodMan" on the awp server. It's been a long time since I've seen him on the awp server, I hope he's doing alright
  9. FeelsBαdMαɴ


    Saw a lot of cute freshman
  10. Thanks, all we need to know and omg omg omg omg thats my serverrrr 🤟🏾
  11. Hang this white man
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