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  1. All my homies dont fuck with tango they musty.
  2. u already posted this idk if wrong spot or what but @wooper @ Diam0ndz server broke and double post :(
  3. Memes

    RTV bug

    @ Diam0ndz @wooper server dont work :(
  4. this guy sounds like hed be a good fit for our competitive fortnite team
  5. Na fam i jus dont fuck wit reddit like that and them reddit mfs never done anything for me. Yall p cool so idk wanted to maybe help.
  6. https://www.tradingview.com/symbols/NASDAQ-VFF/ This stock is a big win large ups in the coming year or two.
  7. Memes

    Later yall

    Whats up yall so basically i just wanted to make this post to let yall know im gonna be stepping down. Idrk I just havent had the time to put into the servers and havent really had the motivation to either. I wish everyone of you the best and i hope to end up seing you guys soon. Thanks for all the funs times boys.
  8. wooptus wooptus making the big gamer moves. wooper for owner yall
  9. Memes

    yellow now

    poggers well deserved shit brain dont kill the server you stinky monkey head poo poo brain
  10. The most epic sng moment has to be when I hit the quan while autohopping on dr. I had been practicing this skill for months on end and was finally able to pull it off. The moment was surreal I was almost in shock that I pulled it off. After finally being able to hit the quan while autohoppin I finally felt complete. This was by far the most epic sng moment and was more gratifying and empowering then fucking diamonds granny.
  11. weeb wallpaper = poo poo stinky real gamer wallpaper = pog champ
  12. hbd but why you ct ban me :(