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  1. Memes

    Hello SNG

    welcome back g
  2. Here is story. there was dog, dog ate food very fast. Dog choke on food. dog almost die but owner save him. But the dog kill owner. the end
  3. im vibin with this new look +1 to wardens idea for status updates.
  4. Player Name Memes Steam ID STEAM_1:1:149098935 Steam Profile URL http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198258463599 Is your forum account linked to Steam? Yes Age 16 Why would you be a good Operator? I feel I deserve this position because of my extended knowledge and experience with Deathrun. I have stuck with DR in its highs and in its lows and am always trying to find a way to improve or advance DR to make the experience better and more enjoyable. I am able to connect with the player base and let them communicate ideas they would like to see come to the server. My close connection with the other admins of Dr will ensure that only the finest ideas and additions to DR will make it to the server. Map pool changes - Adding dr_gamerfun dr_n4x_dres0x_fix3 (im still looking for more but its 1 in the morning at the time of this update and i need to go tf to bed.) Also we dont really have any bad maps in the pool rn so there is no reason to remove any especially considering the smaller map pool. General rule/Basic server changes - There aren't really any rules to change currently. A points system has been talked about in the past however it would be difficult to implement, it is achievable it would just be a large time commitment for somewhat little reward. Do you understand you the role that Deathrun Operator plays in SNG? Yes Have you read and met all requirements for this position? Yes
  5. Memes

    Hi I'm Pink Now

    congrats on the pink
  6. +rep i haven't heard a bad thing about em and is a good guy.
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