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  1. https://streamable.com/75i55 i generally start holding A at the time i reach 250 speed, and then i start turning (where you can see i turn to the right ever so slightly), which puts me at around the middle of the block / a bit to the right of the numbers this just generally helps with consistency since you know when you jump, and in turn consistent (and good) deviation optimally, but you'd need to be able to refine this for a while for results
  2. force yourself to prestrafe longer, it'll destroy your W/S release for a while since muscle memory but you definitely should try to do a specific movement i hold W for a longish amount of time then start holding A after i'm just a bit past the middle of the block (the timing for holding A is pretty focused on), you can probably do something similar, but the main thing to do is to not delve into holding both keys at once at the start, your jumping angle is gonna be scuffed 90% of the time
  3. we have had a shortage of punching bags
  4. my keyboard does not curve as it is mostly hard plastic and some aluminum for stiffness, but i angle it slightly clockwise sometimes
  5. mate i can't see that you should experiment with ruto's splits plugin, ztopwatch isn't for overall map splits and only supports one split
  6. wow a light blue name

    well played my man

  7. happy birthday, hns player
  8. Generally, you should not RTV on people who are both running and have a reasonable chance to beat the map, to avoid them getting mad at you. suna could've handled this much better in terms of getting the message across, and will handle these situations differently. @suna Please be more professional when dealing with people who are genuinely curious about reasoning, and definitely don't kick people for a warning that won't be taken. Use ingame admin chat to formally tell others that there are regulars who are actively running for the best interest of the server population. Resolved.

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