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  1. casually run maps where you have to consistently strafe (e.g. bkz maps), strafe slowly if you counterstrafe hard, but strafe at a consistent speed also practice corner pre for ljs, best way for consistent ljs is a good first strafe
  2. Hey, I've looked on your previous kz bans, and it seems like you've been banned 2 years ago on this server's kz, but you seem to have another macro ban on a different kz server as of two days ago Seeing as you've said "If I do do it again, the admins can ban me again." I've seen it proper to comply with that request.
  3. i honestly just like rank names and colors as it is, but if everyone wants it, sure
  4. yang chow fried rice is pretty cool i get the same reaction as this video
  5. i've not heard your name in 4 years hello
  6. congratulations on being yellow my dude
  7. the purpose of appealed global bans would imply that you never cheated in the first place, but this guy's not global banned at all 🤔
  8. top25 server would be good because inactive top25 ranked players get pushed out by people playing more maps and wanting to grind on public server people who want a server to grind on can work for it (such as NA people from other servers) if you grinded for the server, you probably already don't want the social aspect of a public server (which means you probably wouldn't subtract any regular population from the public server), or just want to play weird maps without the public rtving on you

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