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  1. Zurr

    happy birthday anty

  2. HBD gang deleter :FeelsWeirdMan:

  3. recs : @Sixredfish @Zurr @Noodlesssss @sainyn @Bottomfraf @Thing 1™ @huh @Smashy
  4. Player Name Wolf Steam ID STEAM_1:1:180444428 Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/id/rundatgunna/ Is your forum account linked to Steam? Yes Age 16 Admin Recs Sixredfish, zurr, noodlesss, sainyn, bottomfraf, thing 1, huh, smashy Why would you be a good admin? why i would be a good admin because i have been active on both ttt and awp and enforce rules when needed. I am aware that my past self was very bad and that i should never act like that ever again. It was very childish of myself and i have grown from it. I like to introduce new people to skynetgaming because its an amazing community and they should play it more. Thank you for reading my application -Wolf Active Servers ttt and awp Have you read and met all requirements for this position? Yes
  5. Wolf


    congrats proobs. well deserved
  6. mine is on my block. end of season 1 when ruby gets shot
  7. I play basketball and soccer currently on a rep team and hoping to go to ofssa for toronto
  8. +rep bottom has been such a great admin in my eyes and would be suitable for super. he is very kind to new people and enforces rules for the people who dont know the rules. Gl on super bottom
  9. Wolf

    AWP Tourney

    Add me if you need a person
  10. Wolf


    LETS.... GOOO..... RAPTORS OMGG THIS IS A FUCKING DREAM thoughts on the nba finals?
  11. Thank you all for the birthday wishes

    you guys are the people i apperciate on this server and thank you for it. Also happy new year :D

  12. hbd

  13. Zurr

    Andy happy birthday cutie

    You're still fucking dumb (with your perms) but I ruv you :peepoLove:

  14. Zuric

    happy birthday :)

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