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  1. Congratulations, I've assigned @Jako to be your mentor. Please message him via forum/discord/steam PM to set up a mentorship session.
  2. Hachi

    Moving on

    Good luck out there man. Hopefully we’ll be able to chat from time to time via snap or something!
  3. Hachi


    Well deserved, glad to see a Hispanic NZer rise up the ranks Please annoy the shit out of Noodles and don't work on anything that nigga asks for
  4. It seems as though lymbo did some degen shit and fucked up the @. Moving on from that, congratulations! In order to complete the admin process, I've assigned @Jako to be your mentor. Please get in touch with him at your earliest convenience to set up your mentorship session @Random Toaster
  5. @NightBlade congratulations! To complete the admin process, I've assigned @ Diam0ndzto be your mentor. Please contact him via forum or discord PM at your earliest convenience to get a mentorship session sorted out.
  6. welcome to the community g
  7. I think you know more than anyone that you're the reason I'm here today. You were my first ever rec (although no one else said yes, so...) and the person that got me into the deeper part of the community in the first place. Even though you told me to my face that you were thoroughly surprised that I even made it to senior, I still appreciate our talks about music and the spontaneous movie nights we hosted. Although I can't say I'm entirely surprised that you're heading out, what with how busy you are with irl, a part of me still doesn't want to see you go. Wherever you end up, I hope you stop by sometime for a hello or a small chat. Good luck out there coach.
  8. Accepted, gz @Noodlesssss message me on steam or discord to get your tags and everything situated.
  9. i'm on the fence ab this one on one hand, i hate sleepy on the other hand, i hate ducky imma stay neutral on this one, gl though
  10. @Klitchplease message me via forum or discord PM to set up an interview session whenever you’re available.
  11. Message me via steam/snap/whatever to set up an interview/conversation regarding the position, thanks @Jako

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