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  1. @zp~ I’ve assigned @ Diam0ndzto be your mentor. Please get in touch with him via steam PM/Forum PM/Discord ASAP to set up your mentorship session. Congrats!
  2. @KING KAZMA I’ve assigned @MERICA to be your mentor. Please get in touch with him via forum PM/Discord/Steam Message to set up a mentorship session as soon as you can, congrats!
  3. Congrats, hope to see you do good things
  4. Hachi

    h e l l o

    welcome back someone make him blue again
  5. @Bork Bork Doggocongrats, welcome to the team! I’ve assigned @ proobsto be your mentor. Please get in touch with him to set up a mentor ship session whenever possible.
  6. Good luck out there partner
  7. Hunter x Hunter without a doubt
  8. Imma miss u bitch see u in staff chat
  9. RAISING CANE'S GANG if u don't have a cane's near u go fuck urself
  10. i used to let my nails get super long for no reason other than me just being too lazy to cut them, and they'd get sharp as fuck for some reason so in middle school, my nails were like at least half an inch long and i had accidentally swiped at my friend and cut him obviously he was pretty mad and said that i owed him something, so when we sit down he pulls out his house keys and runs it down the length of the top of my forearm still have the scar to this day :)
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