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  1. Hi, welcome to the team @ziggy I've assigned @ Diam0ndzto be your mentor. Please contact him via forum PM/Steam PM to set up a mentor session!
  2. Hi, welcome to the team @Klitch I've assigned @ proobs to be your mentor, please contact him via forum PM/Steam PM to set up a mentor session. Congrats!
  3. Hello, welcome to the team @Powerfulpie I've assigned @Alex to be your mentor, please contact him via forum PM or Steam PM to set up a mentorship session. Congrats!
  4. You are really -rep'ing someone off of a technicality. We started tracking this shit about 2 weeks ago, not a month. You would think an admin would know by now that we encourage the player to prioritize being an admin on the server they're applying for as a main, and that's why we have mentor sessions that focus on that person's main server, plus we go over basic admin rules in the first place so that person is more informed on how to be an admin across all servers. I don't see how him adding a couple servers that he has a little less time on in the last 2 weeks of tracking progress makes him worthy of a -rep. It's completely possible that the applicant played before server tracker started and had things come up such as starting school, or just decided to play those servers less and play another server more. It's also completely possible for the applicant to ask about other server specific rules during this mentor session, or reading the server specific rules that are available to them on the forums. Putting the "servers you're active on" at the bottom of the application is for us to know that the player has experience with the rules of those servers, but it doesn't matter in the long run at all because we're gonna be going over all of that if the applicant happens to get accepted, that's the point of the mentor process. The other point of the active servers category is also for us to know what server they're planning on be maining as an admin, and his activity on TTT seems more than reasonable given the fact that he has nearly 40 hours, which, by the way, is more than double the time you have on the server you're a super for. I don't mean to make it seem like I'm calling you out on your bs, but if you're going to give that much heat to someone that has that much time across that many servers, you should rethink your priorities. That's just my two cents, good luck on your application.
  5. Congrats! Welcome to the team :) @MERICA will be your mentor, please get in contact with him to set up a mentor session.
  6. hachi = 8 in japanese 8 is my favorite number
  7. happy birthday tornado man

  8. Hi everyone! I just wanted to stop by to inform you all of the new changes we're making to the Advisor role as well as the way we're handling meetings from now on. First things first, you probably noticed the fact that the color for the role has been changed from a sort of teal to pink, as we've always thought that advisor has been a little too similar to council in terms of shades. On top of changing the colors, we've always thought that the obligations that came with the role seemed too ambiguous, so we've decided to change that up as well. With our new version of advisor, the people filling this role will be in charge of keeping the communication between staff and server at an all time high. Advisors will contact the operators and admins of each server more personally to get information regarding anything that each server needs to run more efficiently, brainstorming ideas and changes with staff as well as the operators to better the server, all while ensuring that staff get the information necessary to make these changes as fast as possible. Giving input on appeals and applications is to be expected of those with this role, as their connection to the community is held to a high standard and helps tremendously with the process. In conjunction with these changes, we've also decided to change the way we handle meetings. Many of us have always felt that meetings happened way too regularly for a lot of meaningful things to be said from each server every single week. It seemed very repetitive. Therefore, we've decided to make meetings monthly, and they will be mainly used as a way for us as staff to communicate big announcements or changes that are being done to each server or the community as a whole. With that being said, attendance from Operators is mandatory unless specifically excused by the staff team (such as Extacy's situation). If you have any problems attending said meeting, please contact one of us to explain the issue. These meetings will now be held on the last Thursday of every month. Lastly, I'd like to congratulate @Rage for becoming our newest advisor, the staff team and I are excited to see what great things he can do with this role If you have any questions regarding these new changes, as I know it seems like quite the change, feel free to ask below! Special thanks to @ proobs and @ Diam0ndz for helping with the brainstorming process
  9. Hachi


    started college last monday all of my classes are pretty simple but it's a good amount of work, but I've made a lot of friends and started study groups, I'm much happier here than I was in high school, that's for sure
  10. thought u meant u were making classes to teach us how to play the gamemode
  11. i like ur pfp

    1. proobs


      i like urs too bro

  12. Congrats on admin @J o r d a n! Your mentor will be @Isaac, please contact him via Steam/Forum PM in order to set up your mentorship session. Welcome to the team!
  13. Hachi


    THE #MAKEPROOBSWHITE MOVEMENT HAS PREVAILED on the real tho gz brother I've been rooting for u since day 1, can't wait to see what good things u will do for us
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