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  1. Some people can be unaware of rules even if they play a server regularly, just a lack of looking at the communities website. +rep seems very apologetic and learned his lesson and hopefully the rules of the server.
  2. Yeah the blur in the video wasn't intentional, it's just how the video was recorded/rendered out by the person who created the clips.
  3. +rep is a great guy, next step is admin.
  4. I didn't really think joining a group would affect something like an admin app, also I don't think there's a rule saying that I can't be in specific groups to become an admin lol I never put the tag on as a primary group or wore it in-game so you would have to literally look at all the groups I am in to know I was in it. Also shax is in that group on top of all so I mean it really shouldn't be blown out of proportion. again sorry if really offends you that much I am not in it anymore if it makes you feel better, lmao.
  5. Okay well apologies if it offends you lol, don't really take groups that "serious" also it's not like I am the only one in the group !!! Also I hope this doesn't affect my admin app lol
  6. 1. In game name- BORING!zeno` 2. Steam ID- STEAM_0:1:59985689 3. Name of admin recommending you- @Medusa @/\man @Nick @shax @I'm Tuba @dun 4. What age are you- 16 5. Reason why you think you will be a good admin- I've been playing on this server for 2 years and am sick of the hackers that join the server and take a year to get banned because of a lack of staff, I play this server a lot and know how to enforce rules. 6. What server are you most known in- Scout and Knives
  7. Just make it solo or at the least duo, you wont get many squads for the tourney.
  8. Clothes Steam card Money SSD Speaker