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  1. We're just lucky, don't give up, you still got a whole bracket to go as a second chance.
  2. As Zarn said, it's going to be on a separate server, matches one at a time. The order is numbered in the bracket photo.
  3. Matches begin 2PM Central Time Edit: Warden and I posted at same time, we're practically soulmates.
  4. I'm sorry but did we play last tournament? I don't remember, anyways, you @redderfry and good luck!
  5. +rep He's a good admin and nice person to be around in general. He's really active and I like that he communicates through mic a lot now so overall, he deserves it.
  6. roniks >.<

    Room Reveal?!?

    Yeah sure, "for your back" jkjk pls don't hurt me
  7. roniks >.<

    A short report

    5 minutes well spent, where can I find more?
  8. Logitech is solid to be completely honest. I had the old Logitech G Pro which is the g305 but wired, I had the Steelseries Rival 300 which is also really solid, it's similar shape to the newer gens one but should be good because the company's good in my opinion. Favorite feel and quality would have to be Zowie mice though, I had the FK2 and EC1-A and they were both amazing if you don't use a software. In the end, it comes down to which shape and size you like best.
  9. roniks >.<

    AWP Tourney

    Team Name: COQ N' BALLZ Captain: @roniks >.< STEAM_0:0:133924724 Player 1: @.Hop STEAM_0:1:120963782 Player 2: V3tis STEAM_1:1:38995223 Player 3: Tachyon STEAM_0:0:17398127 Player 4: @ness STEAM_0:0:54843046 Sub: @forge STEAM_0:0:99772894
  10. roniks >.<

    AWP Tourney

    Ima kiss you, ya cutie I thought you loved me Ryan
  11. You drew this? Nice drawing , but I prefer 1st one cuz gloves...but anyways it also makes more sense cause of how @Chiken and @Rage views it too.
  12. roniks >.<

    AWP Tourney

    Excited to have a tournament again but will there be a little bit of time in the beginning of the rounds to access where we spawn and be able to decide what we do based off of that because positioning is very crucial (especially on the current map pool which aren't very forgiving if you're late) depending on where you spawn and as we know, it's random.
  13. Sennheiser Pc37x; they're supposed to be an adaptation of the actual headphones HD600x, etc. but with the mic and probably less quality but these were my runner-ups if I decided not to get audiophile headphones because I heard they were just that good....and its Sennheiser...anyways, it's sold on massdrop (or drop) for $120. HyperX and Logitech are good but I found Logitech to be on the bulky, heavy and not as good quality side. HyperX is built like a tank, good quality, good mic, blahblah, only issue would be it's clamping force, some models are extremely tight and some are good flexibility (coming from someone who's tried two of the same headsets by them).
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