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  1. Whoops I didn't even realize there was a setting to let members choose (table, grid, fluid) disregard this
  2. I haven't had much time to do anything above, just asking for the forums change opinions atm
  3. https://skynetgaming.net/forums/ Feedback taken into consideration if you guys like or dislike this change
  4. Hf Gonna make the nav bar look cleaner as well as some of the graph coloring when I have time my b
  5. Yeah I've had plans to integrate it into the forums. Some day^tm
  6. August


    fk u fk this topic
  7. Up to @ Mr.Derpit was a custom store module iirc
  8. Don't comment on any apps ever typically but he's a damn good man, +rep
  9. I plan on making some custom updates to make clubs a bit more relevant, no eta tho but yes it is available
  10. It happens when a map you previously downloaded is named the same but the actual map itself is different (likely an updated/later version) Is this just on one of our servers specifically? Try a different gamemode and see if it is still happening
  11. Love ya buddy reach out if you need anything
  12. Pls stay active in discord admin chat even if ya can't hop ingame you're a funny dude
  13. This guy was the bridge between the LG/Slayers merge and I fucking love him to death. I know you're hella busy as am I but feel free to always snap me with whatever is going on. I'll always be here for ya chief. Had the best convo w you on teamspeak tonight and I truly wish the best for ya in life.
  14. Here is what I have currently (not functional yet) with a header redesign + additional stats and a timetracker tab (not parsed yet) Feel free to give any ideas or criticism here and I'll consider implementing it +chatlogs tab with setting in account settings to disable if wanted

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