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  1. this might just be the best post I've seen on these forums
  2. It's a bug with Chatbox. Maybe the latest paid version has a fix for it if @ iCamp wants to buy the addon.
  3. August

    Merci SNG

    Been pondering this for a minute, and here we are. I don't want to make a huge spectacle but I'll be stepping down as Director. Have too much going on in my life with my last year of uni, fraternity, job, social life atm to give SNG the attention it deserves. For a long time now it has felt more like a job than a hobby; which is why I know it is time. I won't @ everyone who deserves making my effort and this community worthwhile because I'd be spending all night typing this up but I would love to thank all my red boys @ iCamp @ Pedro Deuces @ lymbo @ KingjiN @Mr.Derp specifically for allowing me to move up with them in the first place. I wouldn't trade my experiences and good times here for anything. I'll still be in the background if ever needed, and be completing my projects (forum applications + maps?) on my own time, with much less stress and time constraint I've placed on myself in the past. This community has plenty of promising talent to fill any void left and I have great confidence in our team. Danke boys, love y'all
  4. Curious if this map has been an issue. I've seen another server report this and have personally experienced it twice now. Jb players only please.
  5. August


    Come a long way from Slayers homie, congrats
  6. August


    Excited to see what you can do boss
  7. Congratulations! @ Hachi will set you up with an admin mentor.
  8. Congratulations! @ Hachi will set you up with an admin mentor.
  9. August

    plz help

    Where do you live? Most rural places you'll be stuck with one provider, not many options.
  10. Congratulations! @ Hachi will be in contact to set you up with an Admin Mentor. Dm any staff member to get admin chat only discord channel perms - https://discordapp.com/invite/T33Rn3e

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