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  1. So when will you finally do the right thing? @ Diam0ndz
  2. Unban the guy. When have we ever permanently banned someone for something they say on something that isn't even our platform? DDOS with our host/plan isn't even a real threat regardless.
  3. August

    Hey, I'm Gay

    Happy for you buddy, I've recognized your effort for awhile, been a long time coming and well deserved
  4. Don't care enough to even look into why, but I'm guessing past reputation and posts like this
  5. Happy Birthday !!



  7. Happy birthday. Take it nice and easy now, on this special day of yours.

  8. Happy Birthday August!

  9. Happy birthday August :monkaOMEGA:

  10. Happy Birthday August :pepecowboy:

  11. @ Diam0ndzhas been prepped and is ready for this for a long time coming. Congratulations my man, I believe you can take SNG into the next chapter.