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  1. Pretty sure I unmuted you after I asked if you wouldn't be annoying, unmuted your previous mute, then immediately you were annoying. Wait it out.
  2. Love the effort put forth here. Would like to see how the community feels.
  3. I think it's common sense ya but it couldn't hurt to put it in writing simply to avoid arguments when mfks happen @Extacy
  4. Why u like child


    1. August


      weird prg pedo man :100cent:

    2. Jeremie


      i'm taking over ur awp server


  5. Well deserved buddy. KZ TEAM MAKE THIS MAN GLOBAL RN
  6. Hella happy to put you up top with the rest of the higher staff. Well deserved
  7. August


    We meme, but given your age and experience I am always left extremely impressed. Hope you continue on this path because you can have great things coming brother
  8. My only issue with this is that you constantly promise releases and set deadlines and then when they come near you up those deadlines rinse and repeat, without ever showing up on those promises. I could accept this and it probably wouldn't negatively affect the community given mapper role doesn't get admin perms, but I'm not really convinced I should; given the above reason aswell as the best purpose you can say is that you don't want and/or can't pay for VIP (It is $3 a month btw). As a show of good faith you've done enough where I'll extend your VIP to lifetime, we aren't struggling for funds where we need that. And you've clearly shown enough comittment to Skynet where I'd be fine with that. However, I'd like to see more activity mapping wise before simply accepting you just because it's the easy thing to do.
  9. Happy to see what you can do chief
  10. August

    Hello SNG

    Is this based matt? Welcome to SNG
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