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Everything posted by August

  1. Boi new intros are 4 ze promos
  2. What an absolute shit show, next person to reply to this topic better be @ Pedro Deuces whenever he pleases or else you'll snag a week forum timeout :^)
  3. https://play.esea.net/refrag @ Rachnus has been working on this for the past 2 or so years and he signed an NDA where he wasn't able to tell people what he has been working on behind the scenes. This is legitimately fuccccccccin next level and is gonna change the pro game that we all know and love. Gud 🇫🇮 man
  4. If this is real then fuckin YIKES
  5. August

    New theme

    Thanks for the feedback all, I'll spend some time tonight working on fixes
  6. August


    One day I'll finish this^tm
  7. August

    New theme

    Post any bugs you see here and I'll get to it
  8. @ Mr.Derp had plans for this months ago, not sure on the status of it though
  9. Gud work lad Removed the gangs web panel link bc it isn't finished yet and hooked up to a live database
  10. Unbanned, be a gud man from now on
  11. Not even finding a ban for this SteamID. Someone unban him and give him 45 minutes @IEatMolotovsread rules before going guard again boss
  12. man I gotta be honest and I'm not trying to hate but you need to stop promising new maps every couple months rinse repeat, believe me I know how it was back when I mapped considering I probably have 20 unfinished maps in my files though
  13. this became the norm at least in the @chicken007 @Alex op days Gotta say I dislike clearing it up but it's ye choice bossman, just my opinion
  14. Don't remember but I pretty much never ban off suspected cheats unless it is rage botting since I don't record ingame. Can you expand on this statement a bit more? https://skynetgaming.net/bans/index.php?p=banlist&searchText=STEAM_1%3A1%3A194667418&Submit=Search Btw it happened 11 months ago not 2 years
  15. Nomination logged!

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