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  1. Well rounded kid that has fun too. Would love to have him on the admin team.

  3. bung

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    pastel green n pink
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    white privilege
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    POGGU BIG MAN PROOB. i still remember shit poster proobs and roblox proobs. congrats cutie
  6. ?? You kosed Six for going into the T room? when any of the three t's during the round could've, and innocents could've went in as well? I get that it's a solid rule in the book, but it has flaws for certain maps. pt 2. My bad for spamming a thread, I'm somewhat confused on what is legal and illegal right now. @SmokingPenguinIf I am wrong I apologize, but I'd like to @redderfryfor this one.
  7. Princesscraft's T room can be accessed by innocents by jumping on the sides of the map. Sure it can be teleported from portals across the map, but innocents can be in the room. You can get there even before the round starts.
  8. For reference, this T room is in a closet that can be entered by Innos, Detectives, and T's if one opens the door. It's not a viable T room to kill base off anyone in the room. It was when both Innocents and Traitors were in the room. I do realize that there are flaws of this rule because of the maps, but if this rule was active for maps such as bowling and princess, there would always be rdms, or worse case scenario, mass rdm. I personally didn't see what actually happened, as there was smoke and I wasn't in the area, but from what I've heard, it was a kos base off another T opening the door for everyone in the server to enter.
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