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  1. gimme the rep he said appreciate it tho
  2. +rep, has been a long-term member and is a very likable guy. He's played tremendous amounts of TTT, and he is capable of understanding the TTT rules. I've been edging Elegy to apply for admin for quite some time now, and he's finally done it.
  3. happy happy birthday, from the chilis crew, i wish it were our birthday, so we can party too! happy birth

  4. bung


    welcome back veloxatak, thank you for teaching me howto delete duplicate maps from different servers
  5. Happy happy birthday, From the Chilis Crew. I wish it was our birthday, so we can party too! Happy birthday woops.

  6. congratulations nigga
  7. yeah fo sure man can get super
  8. Player Name bung Steam ID STEAM_1:0:171177466 Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/id/sngbung/ Age 6 Why would you be a good admin? I've been super before but was burnt out due to not enjoying the game mode. Now that it's been revived, it also revived my love for TTT. I'm well rounded and understand all of the rules on TTT. I'm also a pretty nice man. Active Servers TTT
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