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  1. chikey this has no reason to be half a gig of you making cereal in 4k, but i do appreciate it.
  2. cheating ass nigga fuck you -rep the video redd provided is very good proof of what could've happened and i believe that he isn't cheating.
  3. I got a razer cyronsa and an Anne Pro 2
  4. bung


    congratulations big man
  5. bung


    fake ass nigga hope you get demoted (ily bro)
  6. bung

    free money

    @tieK0 congrats bro you won, add me https://steamcommunity.com/id/sngbung/ if you don't send a request by February i will be picking another winner.
  7. you aren’t admin ? +rep good man, a super oldie and knows the tules, and would most certainly enforce them.
  8. bung


    RDM in TTT is inevitable, people can make mistakes. Sure it might be new players who have no regards for their standing on the server, you gotta move on. If you get rdm'd just let an admin know in admin chat.

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