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  1. Happy birthday 

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Either you die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.


    Happened to both of us I guess.

    We both were liked by the community.

    We both MFK'd.

    We're both disliked by the community.

    We both got banned.

    We share a lot, you and I.

    Maybe, if everyone takes back and looks at where we all started

    we're not so different after all.

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    2. Noodlesssss


      Amanda's cool, ur not

      Go look for attention somewhere else, retard

    3. Earthling


      Fucking cringe

    4. Trumpet


      I hate everything about this and you rn

  4. Spk

    iq 20

    1. B0xerZ


      more like no iq with -2 brain cells

  5. Now why you gotta go and do us like that :PepeHands:

  6. Thanks for making me think all this time you were a girl.

  7. rip u big brain y u had to do it to 'em ? :BibleThump:

  8. not surprised tbh. bout damn time you fucked up enough for them to ban you.

  9. 7EA2A388-2463-438E-83ED-FCD293128B40.thumb.jpeg.785a5d43b57ae1adfdb1acfa743da40c.jpeg Then why’re you contributing to it?

    cya later 

  10. what happened? You're p chill usually

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