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  1. I literally play mm with this dude and use to on sng a lot. He’s never been suspicious or anything and definitely didn’t cheat. Mans is cool a f. +rep
  2. Rose


    1. Xanny


      HI I AM im back 

  3. -rep smells like chicken noodle soup

  4. It wasnt obama care, i mfked on hb minecraft edit on the stairs
  5. congrats on getting unbanned :)

    1. Xanny


      Im not unbanned

    2. 『𝓢𝕹𝓖』Mystogan


      damn i thought u were cause i don't see "BANNED" anymore

      well gl

  6. +rep I talk to him in discord time to time and he’s pretty respectful there
  7. In-Game Name: amanda Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:138047050 Name of the Admin that punished you: Owners:) Reason why you got punished: Mfk and Obnoxiousness(talking shit about staff hella) Length of your punishment: Perm Reason why the punishment should be lifted: As most of you know, I was a complete idiot when I was banned; that I fully acknowledge then and now. I was banned almost two years ago and I want to make a return to the community. It’s understandable why I wouldn’t be allowed to come back, because of my past action. I’m sorry for that, because it was irresponsibl
  8. Zurr

    happy birthday :peepoLove:

  9. happy birthday.brrrrrrrr.webp

    and nice mfk 10/10