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  1. so basically he plays on TTT and other servers and then goes on Awp, talking shit to ppl all the time and thinks hes the best when on AWP, barely anyone knows him, yet hes so cocky, then when ppl call him out for his bullshit he has someone from icamp elites or some dumbshit with him and ppl end up getting muted/kick/banned
  2. never met u either, so i guess ur another on hater for no reason. look no disrespect but when i was calling sleepy a rando, it was more like not relevant and would talk shit on awp where nobody knows him u on the other hand, ive never seen u in my life like who tf r u? i dont remember seeing ur name or talking to u, yet ur lfaming me cause im not and admin and the ppl im flaming r mostly admin. i had no beef with u so y u tryin to start it?
  3. thx man, ur cool and right. im not at top preformance rn but ill be back someday guys, just u wait
  4. this is the best one yet, another rando that hated me for no reason sleepy u disliked me because i was both better and didnt suck ur dick like many others did and btw i found out that when the time tracker came out i had 65 hours on it already.... but when the points reset ur hours went from 0 - 45 hours in like what, a 3/2 months? get a life u shut in unhygienic fuck PS: dont plus strafe cause i have skill unlike u, learn to bhop u bot
  5. jajaja, sry man but when ppl tak shit to me, u know me ill miss playing with u. Ur a fuckin g
  6. u there waiting for me? ur kinda like kobe and im being pulled off the bench
  7. who r u rando????? ive seen ur name but nothing ever relient doubt ull do anything out if the ordinary in ur life time fucking shut in
  8. it said it was unappealable i heard thats what Merica said
  9. Dear Awp Server(west is best), So today i was banned more multiple dumb reasons perminatly and would like to let all the cool guys that know who they are that have made AWP it is( the admins nor owner didn't, it was thru players), and not letting the rando JB and Minigames community corrupt our server. This is what u could call a farewell and good luck on ur journeys cause i will miss some of the days in the SNG AWP server and i know some day u guys will remember the server too. well if thats it then imma end off here. hope yall enjoyed my content and humor throughout the past 3 years of playing with u fellow gang members, if u didn't u were probably a rando nobody that shouldnt have ever been on the server. But anyhow it was fun while it lasted. Good Bye <3 PS: unban element and feels lol luv yall
  10. sure it was mic spam. but perma ban? thats a bit much. . at most he should have gotten a like 3 day to week mute/gag. ive never seen otasan be toxic in anyway. i think he should be appealed.
  11. +rep very reliable and is helpful and enforces rules while doesnt have and perms so i think he will be a great one.
  12. sry i had to edit it and miss click on wrong button

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