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  1. It would almost be a perfect world
  2. can I have my credits back?????
  3. +rep if he is a little shit just ban him again ;)
  4. Yukiou


    I asked questions and did not say it more than 3 times in a single minute
  5. Yukiou


    I don't know why this even matters, the admins aren't gonna be punished most likely and I belive what happend was the admin got stressed out from all the nigger words flying around
  6. Yukiou


    ok goodbye, but yeah it is what it has come to beacuse that is literally what he got muted for,
  7. Yukiou


    nigger and nigga are different words, @Tubbyhow many times did anysauce say "nigger"?
  8. Yukiou


    But I didn't say excessivly, I didn't say it more than I usually do when admins were on. If it wasn't about being racist then why did I get gagged and muted for "racism"
  9. Yukiou


    pushing? I asked questions saying the word nigger then said you can't infringe on my right to say nigger after you already gagged and muted other/s. Also anysauce's was bullshit, he said "nigga" that isn't even racist
  10. Yukiou


    What? You muted me for saying nigger once? (after my 1 minute intervention of course )
  11. Yukiou


    I assume more clips are on the way. The first clip shows me asking if I can say nigger and george typing that I can
  12. Yukiou


    what are you getting all togther? is it multiple clips or are you not using the raw clip?
  13. Yukiou


    george has cams on you and knows when you call him a nigger!
  14. Yukiou


    is the video out yet? @Tubby
  15. Yukiou


    smartasses for what? In the rules you can be racist in moderation and I think what happened was someone got gagged/muted for saying nigger and a bunch of people got mad at that, I remember that half of the time I said nigger when this great purge was going on, was when I asked the admins if I can say nigger because the only black guy on the server said I could, I know I asked at least twice