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  1. i miss the days when someone would just get on jb
  2. Aries

    Tattoo ideas

    I really wanna get the phantom troupe spider on my shoulder from hunter x hunter
  3. check out my inventory and see if there is anything u want https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198353955989/inventory/#730
  4. Aries

    JB undead?

    lmao this is why I left wish I did sooner. Good Luck popping jb @Spooky.
  5. im the best in the clan 😈😈
  6. Aries

    thank you SNG

    I know not a lot of y'all know me or care but I would like to say thank you for yall's time and all the fun memories that I have playing the server back from 2017 to now from goonsquad to when I got super admin the first time and the second time. But it is my time to move on got a lot of things coming up in my life I just started my freshman year of college so I gotta start the new journey. I'd like to say thanks to some day 1 hommies @Noodlesssss @Tubby @huh @Jayyyyy @Zar and prolly a few more. Thank yall so much for the memories. aries
  7. can you draw zoro from one piece please ;(
  8. on jb if the warden doesn't open the cells past 9 it is a free day so there should be a plugin to where the cells auto open if the timer is past 9 :) @ Diam0ndz @tie ye that might be a problem there is a few maps that do that so we would have to figure something out
  9. + rep has a lot of good ideas also fall guys event plz
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