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  1. he is retarded his input doesnt matter. as far as the application +rep I think that all the banners look really good and the valorant one is dope
  2. Aries

    hey guys

    yoo I see you on the fortnite grind add me lets play some time I need a duo or trio ign: slixyz
  3. unban @TwinPlayz bruh
  4. lmao he wasnt far off with the server being nothing in 2 years 🤐
  5. yoooo no way bruhh FFFFFF122222
  6. fr current jb people are annoying I remember when u applied for senior admin and got banned right away funny asf.
  7. i miss the days when someone would just get on jb
  8. Aries

    Tattoo ideas

    I really wanna get the phantom troupe spider on my shoulder from hunter x hunter
  9. check out my inventory and see if there is anything u want https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198353955989/inventory/#730
  10. Aries

    JB undead?

    lmao this is why I left wish I did sooner. Good Luck popping jb @Spooky.