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  1. rage

    happy birthday aries!

  2. HBD u absolute retard 

  3. Rich

    Happy Birthday


  4. Aries

    hi chain

    shush u got red hair
  5. cheesy is a pretty toxic player he thinks what he says is it joke but most of the time what he says is really bad. He also impersonates people a lot by changing his name to either someone elses name or something very close to confuse everyone. I also do believe he was recently unpermabanned for the same reason. I personally haven't had a problem with him but he does cause problems to other and when told to stop gets really toxic.
  6. Aries


    ye this is my last semester of high school so Im not really trying at all and just going out with friends everyday
  7. this is cheesy pita. also just edit your previous post instead. as far as the appeal when u gave the order you said all t’s get to the beacon but you didn’t give order to “fat niggers” so technically they can just go where ever. But you started killing everyone so thats why u got the ban. maybe just take the perm ban off and ban for 2 hours or something like that because you didn’t mean to mfk just confused. also like alex said u got a lot of comm bans in last month so you should prob chill out a little and stop thinking u are tuff shit.
  8. Aries


  9. Aries


    congratz me brudda


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