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  1. +rep most active and knows the general stuff on how to run a server
  2. happy bday climber

  3. I would pick the ice power from one piece because you know i'm just too cold
  4. can you add where we used to be able to change the theme ourselves
  5. +rep very nice man that is always down to game
  6. do more community events like the pop server night . not some randoms @ing in discord
  7. +rep very cool and handsome guy. he is very determined to incorporate his ideas into the servers



  9. +rep good rust player I shall resurrect this application
  10. bro i swear you say that on every app LMAO +rep Chase is the prophecy sent from the heavens to revive the SNG servers.
  11. +vouch absolute warlord gamer hitting ownages left and right on kz, truly a god gamer. One day I wish to be him.
  12. happy bday noodles u stud muffin

  13. Player Name EURFLY SteamID STEAM_0:1:183023126 Admin Recommendations @Thing 1™ , @Noodlesssss , @gabe, @colin Why do you want to become admin? I've been apart of this community for 3 years coming up on 4. Seeing the SNG servers DEAD is quite saddening. I wish to make an impact by reviving the servers slowly but surely. What is your primary server? KZ What are your secondary servers? JB