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  1. Neutral, in MY experience you did not handle super well at all last time. You struggled with deeper knowledge of the rules and even just doing things on the server(management wise). If I remember correctly there was also a problem with you literally never punishing your friends on the server despite them breaking rules. I haven’t really seen you recently so I can’t give much input as to what you are like now. regardless good luck
  2. Alex

    Happy birthday. :FeelsBirthdayMan:

  3. +rep deserves it. Very good man. He’s also banned off Minecraft for 30 days so he has time to play amp!
  4. Freezetag day auto bhop is laggy as fuck. I could probably bhop faster than the auto hop.
  5. I agree, but some of them are just a little to cancer at least for me. I just find them repulsive and from what I have seen some people do not seem to like them. This is just from what I have seen in the server. This is just a suggestion after all.
  6. Also for 1v1 remove all the other dumb special rounds besides scout, auto shotgun, Zeus and Negev.
  7. Alex


    Kygo Kygo Kygo and more Kygo
  8. Please no freezetag day it’s so boring. I literally fall asleep.
  9. I agree. Day is a mess. I think it is best to remove the day FOR NOW until further balance changes occur/rules be put in place.
  10. Add me on discord, I'd like to run some ideas past you! Lex#5739
  11. Alex

    Mythette Application

    you and mythin are fucking cringe.
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