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  1. He’s a good kid made a stupid mistake and has learned from it. I didn’t have any problems with Boom in the past regarding rule breaking. +rep
  2. What about not cheating? I'm still neutral still seems sus to me that you didn't know what server you were playing on, just doesn't seem like the best "excuse".
  3. When I run I usually listen to this playlist. If I am lifting weights I'll just listen to my regular playlist which mostly consists of EDM or ocassionally I will throw on the Throwback playlist with old pop songs. I can't like my main playlist because I keep it in the "Liked Songs" part of spotify and can't link that. @dicey
  4. Cool to see another person who climbs, although all my climbing experience is indoors I joined my uni's climbing club last year and loved it. Welcome(again)
  5. Alex

    woo giveaway woo

    I agree with this statement. Would love that 5-7
  6. Accepted. If staff can give him discord roles and TeamSpeak roles when you get the chance/see him on that would be appreciated. Welcome to the team.
  7. Alex

    School Stress

    It's not the school work and what not putting stress on you, its yourself. Relax a little bit and have fun, my friends all had this same problem where their whole life is school and thats all they did. I didn't have the day to day stress that they had, occasinally I would for like my big senior project and some big exams- but if you're going to school one day and you have no big commitments and you're stressed you just got to take a step back and relax. You're just a kid at the end of the day go out and have some fun every once and a while and stop putting yourself under so much stress.
  8. All these people hating on this post when it’s better than Epi’s...
  9. Alex

    Selfie Topic

    @wooper @HellHoundfuck you
  10. Alex

    WoW Classic

    Horde obivously, I am an Undead Warlock leveling on Faerlina with the boys from Pedros channel.
  11. It is still external assistance which can be banned via Overwatch. Our servers follow the same no cheat rules as any valve server. Cheating is considered having an advantage over other players via some sort of external assistance which can come in multiple forms, Injected cheats, macros, scripts, etc. Because you were hacking. If valve perm bans you for hacking so will we. You put a lot of time and effort into this appeal and it clearly shows. Neutral leaning towards a +rep though.
  12. ME TOO! (well originally I did)
  13. Alex

    Happy birthday Frog. Hope it's a good one! :FeelsBirthdayMan:

  14. Profile revamp beacause my color changed. Also new banger of a song. 

    1. Rage


      very nice

  15. Anyone with any issues regarding server problems, issues with admins/operators, etc. can reach out to me now that I have a lot more spare time, whether you're an admin or not feel free to dm me about any of these issues. I look forward to working along side Rage and making the servers a better and more enjoyable atmosphere for everyone. Discord: Lex#5739 this is the best way to get in contact with me. Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198141997461/ (don't dm me on steam if you don't see me online, I most likely won't get it) Forum PM me if either of these options do not work for you.
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