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  1. Alex

    Moving on

    Just wanted to make a quick post to say goodbye to all you guys for good. It’s time for me to move on to the next chapter of my life. Wishing everyone here the best and I might see you guys around TS if I ever am around. Thanks for everything. I would @ all the boys but there are too many of you. You know who you are.
  2. I like this one. Thank you.
  3. Fuck weebs lol. Disgusting
  4. Just a heads up, masks really won’t help that much UNLESS you are sick yourself. Please don’t just buy masks, health professionals need as many as possible! :)
  5. God I love you.
  6. shut up you cute little beaner or I'm gonna kiss you. ill see you around feel free to snap me anytime.
  7. Alex


    Casey Neistat, Method WoW players, David Dobrik, Etho, VintageBeef.
  8. Bruh you said you were 18 why you keep lying. I have never seen you on JB so I can’t comment much on that but my interactions with you outside the servers have only been negative.
  9. Alex

    Thank you SNG

    Man oh man, we haven’t talked in a long time and I wish we would have. The experiences I have had with you have been nothing but positive whether we were playing Golf with Friends, watching movies, playing TTT or grinding black ops. (Fuck you @ August for leaving zombies). It truly was a pleasure to talk and play games with you and I’m gonna miss you a lot man. Best of luck with everything in life.
  10. Childish, toxic and an extremely short temper. Although you may have been a good operator in the past you have not been a friendly character to others that are outside of your friend group. There is no doubt in my mind that you can fill this shoes of operator and do a good job. I haven’t spoken to you in a long time so maybe things have changed. Neutral for now.
  11. Alex

    Selfie Topic

    @Rich my man your eyebrows are completely fucking different and you have two different skin complexions. You look Asian in the first photo then arab looking in the second one. Yikers bro.
  12. Then post the evidence that made it look so clear that he was cheating.
  13. Are those two YouTube videos your evidence for banning him? It shouldn’t matter what we say based on the two videos YOU provided for banning him, to me that looks like insufficient evidence. I don’t see any locks what’s so ever not to mention anything that looks suspicious. +rep stop letting your power go to your head diamondz you’re pissing people off.

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