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  1. Buffalo n' Mac is my go to
  2. Alex

    Hows all doing

  3. Hope to see you around TS everyonce in a while. Been a pleasure knowing you.
  4. Did trumpet makes these for you? Thanks for the appreciation, I appreciate you too.
  5. Bracket has been made, seeds were randomized other then 1 and 2 wich automatically qualify for the tournament. Finals will determine first and second seed. Schedule: Friday 6:00 - Rubber Duckies vs. MLGFeeze Saturday 11:00am - gang vs. xXBOOTYGANGDISCIPLESXx Saturday 12:30pm - vacyardigans vs. Winner of match 1. Saturday 2:00pm - JameTime vs. Winner of match 2. Saturday 4:00pm - Finals winners of semis.****ALL TIMES SEEN HERE ARE CST****
  6. +rep good kid as long as he actually plays deagle.
  7. I assume you are aware that if you are accepted for AWP super you will no longer be a super for TTT? Good kid super friendy and nice. +rep
  8. Hello everyone, the event team and I have been setting up a new event for you guys which will be include us and Tango. This will be a 10 man tournament consisting of 4 teams from each community. I am predicting that we will get more than 4 teams signed up so we will be having qualifiers starting October 25-27. What: 10 Man tournament. 4 teams, BO3 for all games. Each team will consist of ONLY 5 players and 1 sub, you may change who your sub is before the tournament begins but once it has started your roster is locked in place. When: November 8-10. Friday - 5:00pm-9:00pm CST Saturday/Sunday - 11:00am-6:00pm CST Rules: - Stream sniping/ghosting is prohibited, doing so will result in a DQ from the tournament. - A sub may only be allowed to play if a player on a team is unable to play during a match, if more than one player is unable to play in said match the team will have the option to be DQ or play the 4v5. - Any use of external assistance will be prohibited. This includes macros, scripts, walls, aim, spin, etc. Doing so will result in a DQ from the tournament and a ban on SNG servers. -No racism, sexism, or any form of hatespeech. Keep voice and text chat twitch TOS friendly. Prizes: TBD. Prizes will consist of in game items as well as a money prize. Amounts are TBD. If you would like to donate to the prize pool send money on PayPal to icamp@skynetgaming.net with a note attached saying "For 10 man tournament" Brackets will be released for qualifiers when we get teams settled. October 25-27 Friday - 5:00pm-9:00pm CST Saturday/Sunday - 11:00am-6:00pm CST To sign up use the format below. Include everyones steamid. Team Name: Captain: Player 1: Player 2: Player 3: Player4: Sub: Good luck!
  9. I can set something up in the style that warden used to do and get some prizes in place, some in game stuff and maybe some skins. Although I hate every popular JB map if population were to increase we need those maps played as often as possible as that is what most players want. Maybe even reducing the cooldown for the maps temporarily. 100% agree, gangs literally do nothing to positively affect JB right now, they don't negatively either though. I think reseting gangs completely and street cred would be a good idea. Let pre-made gangs stay though. Gangs should offer more cosmetic options or at the least the ability to have a conversion from street cred to regular credits. Have this unloced at X gang level so there isn't a lot of inflation. I would say at least give JB 1 extra credit per kill and 1-2 extra through the passive timer. I don't think it will be a huge incentive but once the population gets going a little it will give it that extra boost of 2-3 players at least. Good post Noods.
  10. I am not dedicated enough to change forum name. Discord is spoopy related though. Good to see you around.
  11. Advisors don't have access to spray ban panel as well.
  12. Scarriest thing that ever happened to me was when I was scuba diving my bc decided to randomly start inflating and I started to float up and up. I had to end up taking my whole bc off draining the whole thing and then unpluging the line that was going from my tank to my bc. ***Context for people who might not understand why this is so scary*** 1. I'm 95 fucking feet deep in the ocean having a panic attack. 2. If you go up too fast while diving you can rupture ear drums or even burst veins, including in your brain and you can have a stroke and die. 3. A BCD is the "backpack" that attaches to the tank so you can wear it. 4. Taking your whole tank and gear off underwater isn't the easiest thing to do underwater espically when it's the thing that is still allowing you to breathe.
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