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  1. :100cent:

  2. v5 version is better 2 different maps and v2 is better however i would say keep both remove the original? yea funny not that other versions exists its just 2 different maps good versions its a different map not a different version all solid maps that shouldnt be removed trash map shouldnt be added just some suggestions
  3. +rep Course is one of the first servers I've played on and there have been many shit operators in the past (chary), however Kel was a great operator and I felt he made the server better after it was fucking shafted in the ass by chary and hypnos. . guy gets stuff done
  4. It's been a while huh?

    Happy bday old friend! :FeelsBirthdayMan: 

    miss ya

  5. Good times


    1. Spades



  6. happy day birth brother man


    miss u

    1. Spades



    2. Google Fiber™

      Google Fiber™

      holy shit uralive

    3. Spades


      Don’t worry I’ll be on in like a week

  7. 25 tickets for M4 Golden Coil 25 tickets for the AK Frontside Misty

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