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  1. I guess cool, aren't very fast, seem kinda pointless to nature in general, but kinda cute ig so
  2. Def +rep, george deserves the position and obv knows what he's doing.
  3. Joshua


    Hello, welcome to the foru- wait... was the one more post on your post count really that necessary to where you need to introduce yourself after no periods of inactivity and just becoming an admin?
  4. Awesome, good luck man.
  5. Jason from Friday the 13th maybe as a T skin?
  6. I'm insulted that I didn't get a hate statement included in this post. Ever since I was a little boy I had a dream of growing up to become an SNG VIP mentioned in a post by Duckyy for getting Super Admin on Deagle. But on this day, 12/6/19, you have destroyed my childhood dreams and crushed my spirit. On behalf of myself and all the others who have been discarded and left out of this post, you should be ashamed.
  7. Welcome to SNG and the forums!
  8. Happy bday!! I hope you have a wonderful day man. :)

  9. +rep, very friendly and helpful, super kind and as far from toxic as possible every time I talk to him. Really deserves this position
  10. Yeah, that might ruin part of our player base. Just because people aren’t prime doesn’t mean they’re cheating. It would block out people who don’t have it and give people motive to not play the server.
  11. We all have our points in which we regret something we did, but it shows true change and maturity when you're willing to openly apologize for, and take responsibility for, your actions. I've only run into you a few times on servers since I don't normally play awp, but this post (hopefully) shows that you've changed from where you were before, and become a new person.
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