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  1. happy birthday boss, miss ya

  2. s l o w p o k e He represents me tbh
  3. happy bday brick boi  :peepoLove:

  4. In game name - wizard818 Steam id - STEAM_0:1:76610089 Server you are applying for - Deathrun Do you agree to equip「§NG | Tag if accepted - Yes Reason why you deserve this position - Well i have been a SNG admin since months ago for ttt and i did pretty well moderating there, but then i got very inactive because of some very bad problems on my life, but some time later i got more time for be more active on ttt, but there are too many admins there, always on, moderating everything and i wanted to help a little bit at least, but i couldn't, then i started to go on deathrun, and i realized that there are not too many admins for moderate there, i was like the only admin in the server (or at least the times i was there i didn't saw anyone else except for diamondz) then started to get more active there, learned every rule of the server, helping other guys with their doubts, etc. Now i feel that i can take the next step on this server because i really like it and i know that i can do more help here. Thank you for reading! owo
  5. Happy bday gaymer :peepoLove:

  6. Happy birthday, Mexican man! :)

  7. Happy birthday!

  8. Who's my favourite Mexican? Not you >:( </3

    Jk ily happy birthday!

    1. Alex
    2. Santa Lights

      Santa Lights

      It's not racist cause he's actually Mexican @Lex

  9. Happy birthday!

  10. Happy Birthday!!!! <3 

  11. Happy bday!

  12. Vacations ended fuck me v:

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