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  1. tbh, no one even knows about admin chat. There needs to be a simpler command, or !commands, if it isn't a thing already.
  2. Powerful is a pretty chill player, and I really haven't see him be nuisance. He'll probably be a laid-back admin, not my favorite style of adminin', but the risk of him abusing his powers is very low. +rep
  3. I'm back :)

  4. I know I said I'm leaving forums, but I had to come back for this certain application. Aries seems to be unready for super, even at times unfit for server admin. He's not active (prior to applying), and even when he was super before, Aries never acted like a super admin. He allowed rules to be broken for his personal enjoyment, laughed it off, and scoffed at those who asked"why are you not doing anything". please keep in mind, this is my personal opinion, -rep. probably not rejoining forums after this, seven
  5. as I mentioned on my post, I enjoyed my time here in SNG. I didn't resign as a protest, but simply a way of switching my focus in life.

    When I first joined, I was only 11 years old, now as a 14 year old I've found responsibilities which I must attend to.

    This does not mean I'll be quitting, it' a way of lessening my responsibilities.

    I am truly upset about the demotion of @Warden Flamewater, this was the last straw, and I'll hopefully come back to this community with the intent of making it a better place in the future.



  6. With that in mind, I’ll be resigning from admin, I would like to thank everyone who has made this community enjoyable. If you’d like to add me on steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198315029731/ info on this can be found on my status update
  7. first map mars second map icampisdumb keep in mind, their accounts were level 1 (cs) w/ no badges (cs). There is a very likely switch in accounts. Anyone in their right mind would associate two characters and mars, due to their behavior, and grouping with icampisdumb If there ends up being no correlation, I would like to take the punishment, not warden. Thanks for reading, seven
  8. 7  

    VIP giveaway

    do one on forums, they'll reply their favorite animal,food, etc. Also, admins+ already have VIP
  9. You can go to cs.money for L’s like that
  10. 7  


    people who think bbno$ is their favorite artist after one hit-song :clown: My favorite artists vary, mostly due to me being open to multiple genres, I'm fond of music from Tyler, X, Kanye, Trippie, Frank Ocean, Louis Armstrong etc... I mostly listen to music as background-noise.
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