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  1. idk man, a screenshot doesn't really prove anything.
  2. I would recommend you making players able to !calladmin on admins, as they could be abusing/freekilling/etc.
  3. this is a great post
  4. freedom 

  5. 7  

    hi chain

    come again, nigga
  6. 7  

    hi chain

    he thot it was me b/c i go by svn on steam n discord @1hp if u need me, svn #8606
  7. 7  

    Selfie Topic

    I can confirm, @Ronis a simp
  8. trying to cry more For a long time, I used to just hold my emotions inside and it did more bad than good.
  9. 7  


    1. Ron


      when we're the 6th highest couple on jb ;)


    2. 7  
    3. 7  


      1st now

  10. Nigga. The man does not deserve a perm ban for that... it’s a simple mistake, which isn’t even addressed in the rules, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be. The only way for the average player to not do it is by seeing someone do it and get punished, or by just not being brainless. I do recognize he mfk’d, though.
  11. Unintentional mfk, nonetheless, something that should be addressed.

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