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  1. People age and cherish different things, find different responsibilities. The people who once roamed on JB will never get-on ever again, and we just have to become content with that fact. The only way to revive JB is to create a place where a new audience would like to play in; it's a small cost to pay for the revival of JB. It's merely a matter of how that would be made to be; is it thought the means of new admins, new establishment as a whole ,or it's just a means of the game being dead; SNG might be something people do not want to be part of anymore, i don't know don't ask me. But if y
  2. @Ron can single handedly revive the server
  3. and ong, half of these dumbfucks sucking dick to get admin
  4. At this point reset the server, demote most admins, and start fresh imo.
  5. I've been meaning to play ,but it's always at 0 players. It'd be pretty nice if we had an event where people got on at a certain time and populate JB. Or maybe an unofficial event lead by the operator, and JB admins get on at a certain time in an attempt to populate the server. All of this might've been tried; I'm not sure, I haven't been on in a while. And before someone points it out, I know there is an event suggestion category, but this is more of a thought than anything.
  6. no plug-ins, mass unban. I didn't say anything..
  7. logged back in into this site and I'm happy to see u're back to grinding :peepoCheer:

  8. i am going into yr 10 as u british tards call it, so pm me if u need help
  9. I enjoyed my time watching your "eu player=bad" frag montage
  10. I'm back boys and this time not toxic, at least I think so


  11. I was not on the server so I don't know for sure, it's possible that your mic was muted.