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  1. whatever works best for you and you enjoy the most :)
  2. 7/11 is bae


    It’s a cool server and all, I tend to enjoy scouts and knives but I just don’t think it’s going to have the same player base it had a year ago. Hey, but who knows! I would definitely enjoy it edit: grammar and @knowledge8ye for sure
  3. sex! sex! sex! sex! sex! yes!

    1. 7/11 is bae

      7/11 is bae


    2. 7/11 is bae

      7/11 is bae

      sex! sex! sex! sex! sex! yes!

      sex! sex! sex! sex! sex! yes!

  4. Seasons for 1v1: Every quarter of a year points reset (every 3 months for the tards) Possible prize earnings for highest rated players, but that would be coordinated by the event team (i beleive) but is not limited to the event team.
  5. am_sidestep isn't added but after further examination the map wouldn't have been good for the server I think the ranking system should be looked at next after the important commands
  6. remove am_snowfall_v2 am_ramps am_inferno_banana_dolnma (chicken sicko mode) add am_texture2 am_plank am_lanii
  7. https://store.steampowered.com/app/226840/Age_of_Wonders_III/ not much else to be said (strategy rpg)
  8. this is actually problematic and isn't simply being csgo'd would recommend for it to be looked at further Edit @ Diam0ndz i have now looked into it and there seems to be no fix for it
  9. this problem is also seen on the 1v1 server +1 (not exactly gamebreaking but it would be nice if it was removed)
  10. /place name is placed at # on skynetgaming's 1v1 server (connect /winloss name has won #ofwins and lost #losses /follow /stealth /commands list of commands kill feed in chat: NAME#1(points,place)killed +#points NAME#2 (points,place) - #points something based off of ^ also the points system is extremely challenging the following problems w/ it : 1)as time passes by the top 20 will have ~the same amount of points and there will be nothing to work for 2) the majority of players fall below the initial amount of points you start with (1500) and makes their time on the server feel counterproductive causing them to leave and never come back (assuming people are going to shit on me for saying it's "hard") I'm #1-2 on the server advertise vip every few mins in chat (it's always nice to have more vip's) make vip's have unlimited chal's and have some sort of access to cz's and sg's( while restricting access of those guns to members) 1v1 admins : operator super admins admins 1v1 admin discord if 1v1 receives permission to have admins (very easy way to monitor suggestions and such) In conclusions: I think we need someone to add maps/remove maps/monitor the server so it becomes as successful as it possibly can
  11. he has a past in this community for reasons which aren't great. He also didn't put a reason for ur ban and he's unable to respond so ...
  12. gmod idk there’s so many things u can do on gmod that I think there needs to be another voting system if gmod is chosen for the server
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