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  1. We can't take your word for it that it's your friend. As it stands, unless you have some form of definitive evidence saying otherwise you aren't going to get unbanned.
  2. Seeing as the ban has expired I will lock this. However, you know what you're doing is wrong, as Duckyy said, others were being slayed or banned for RDM and that in of itself serves as a warning. The round logs prior to your ban show that you have an itchy trigger finger, especially when there are no admins present. That and a prior complaint below tells me enough about you. Keep breaking rules and the bans will be longer. This is the last explicit warning I'm giving you. Locking and moving.
  3. Santa Lights

    Free Skins

    Free shit gimme
  4. Yeah yeah I know I haven't been active as of late. 

    Just a little update for those who actually care to whatever extent it's cause senior year IB is kicking my ass. 

    The worst of it is more or less behind me, just have a few major assignments left and I'll be getting back on.

    1. Warden Frostwater

      Warden Frostwater

      hey, don't worry about it

      Real life commitments > SNG anyday

    2. redderfry


      life before sng.

      good luck with your assignments and hope all goes well

      see ya soon brother

  5. When I was op I implemented this rule: Having a secondary weapon not obtainable on the map. (Primaries can be picked up from other people, secondaries are not dropped when someone dies if they have a primary) I was very specific with primary's not being kosable because you could easily pick them up from others, and it would be hella Nazi to tell an innocent who killed someone with it that they are not allowed to use it. Not to mention all the 2 IQ people who don't bother reading the rules because TTT rules are generally similar across different communities and platforms. It's a very specific rule that I don't agree with because (hence why I was even apprehensive implementing the secondary rule).
  6. Didn't get to know you that well but you were one of those people who had ridiculous aim Have a good one
  7. I get smacked on the head and don't exist on servers but still win giveaways
  8. While yes it can be used to specifically exploit maps, there is a specific rule against it. If someone were to use it to exploit (which falls under map exploitation) then they would take a week ban with it. If no admins are on just take a ss of someone abusing it to exploit or are map exploiting in general and submit a complaint with their steam id and the evidence.
  9. Concussion symptoms have for the most part passed. 

    I am still limited in my use of tech, but I will be slowly moving back into SNG via forums and subsequently the servers.

  10. Mans RDMs me for no reason, what a dick. (Not that I care)
  11. Got a serious concussion today during a hockey game so I'll be off of CS and SNG for an extended period of time.

    1. B0xerZ


      Hope you get well soon sate :) 

  12. Karma should only update at the end of the round to prevent kills (even though they are logical) that would otherwise have been a clean kill for traitor innocent etc. A scoreboard should not have any effect on gameplay except for live updates of body IDs. @Klitch it is a perfectly logical reason to kill someone, and the argument could be made that the player who killed off it will just say they were there and could use logic. The scoreboard should 100% not be updating live.
  13. So your clip only shows one distinct rdm from which we can't ban. With that being said Deadly did post earlier with circumstances to earlier in the round and I found the associated round logs. [00:31] -> [Nightmare (STEAM_1:0:44123022) (Innocent) killed DeadlyAWPer (STEAM_1:1:150747227) (Traitor) with awp] [01:13] -> [Nightmare (STEAM_1:0:44123022) (Innocent) killed brasican2004 (STEAM_1:0:182888182) (Innocent) with awp] - BAD ACTION Nightmare has been banned. With that being said, even though you got rdmed, you proceeded to revenge rdm the round immediately following. [00:03] -> [brasican2004 (STEAM_1:0:182888182) (Detective) killed Nightmare (STEAM_1:0:44123022) (Innocent) with mp7] - BAD ACTION Look I get it, the dude rdmed you and there were no admins on. That does not mean you should go and revenge rdm him. Let this serve as a warning for yourself @brasican2004 Don't revenge rdm. Locking.
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