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    nigga wadufuk
  2. Outright blatant disregard for the rules and making the server unenjoyable by some of the noted individuals. They have been banned for one week. The other rdmers and rule breakers were to a lesser extent and the bans range from 1 day to 3 days. If any issues persist with these individuals then bans will be increasingly severe. Thank you for the report @Edison As for admins online in these clips, @Jordan and @Caleb you guys should be paying more attention and dealing with this, even if you don't main the server. Locking and moving.
  3. I don't doubt whether or not you will do a good job as operator. I've known you for a fair amount of time and you're chill and fun to interact with on the server. You've been around long enough to know the nuances of the rules among other things, and do well as an admin. The thing that throws me and others off is your approach to operator. We've all noticed it. I don't think you're fake. I've seen how you interact with others and I believe you have the servers best interests at heart. But at the same time, as others have mentioned it feels wrong having an operator who did it just for the position. The personality matters as much as what happens behind the scenes, and consistency or continuity is a telling sign of personality. I think you're ready from a server sided standpoint, but with regards to what the community sees outside of the servers, I think you still need to work on it. I wish you the best of luck on your application.
  4. Very chill, active and all around great personality. You've been around for so long and know all the different nuances that I think you are the best applying candidate for the position. Good luck on your application.
  5. I'm gonna be straight with ya. As much as I think you would do good for the server on the technical and activity side of things, I don't like the way you interact with people in the servers. I get it, you're memeing and having fun, but the whole noob check, bind pasting retard down among other things is irritating at best. For anyone new to the server or anyone not as skilled at the game, it is very discouraging having these derogatory things being constantly posted. It gives off the wrong vibes for someone as an operator and I dislike this aspect of your personality. I'm cool with everything you do, I couldn't give two less shits. But for operator as a position and as someone interacting with everyone on the server, it just doesn't feel right. Regardless best of luck on your application.
  6. Happy birthday DR boi :HYPERS:

  7. God your shit is so cringy @Mythin Ye Curly has been around a fair bit and I think would do well as admin. Pretty chill cool all around guy that knows his way around awp. Good luck on your app @CurryAssassin
  8. I can only find one ban under the steam ID you provided as well as your IPs which dates back to 2017 and was only a 30 minute ban. You have either never been banned before, or have provided a different account that is not currently banned.
  9. Should've bought a lottery ticket when you had the chance Congrats you monkey
  10. @Elegy this is why I regret playing my first comp match in literal months with him
  11. This is wholly designed for good players to get more points. It adds nothing gameplay wise and is just for tryhards to stroke their egos with an easy out to gaining points. If you're good then you'll already be ahead of most of the server in points anyways. Not worth it at all
  12. Merry Christmas! Wish you all the best in 2020 red
  13. What the fuck I wasn’t involve doing in any sorta bets so I don’t owe ya shit Congrats on getting head
  14. Satellite


    gg can't kick him anymore when he's afk
  15. Satellite

    Blue man

    Grats ya drunk ass yankee fuck YEE YEE
  16. Original ban on that list is for scripting. This seems like something you should remember if you went out of the way to install hacks, and then subsequently try to ban evade on 4 separate occasions. Seeing as this ban was on KZ, there’s a good chance you’re KZ Global banned, in which case you’d have to appeal that one first to have any chance here. Since I’m not familiar with the KZ Global system, I’m gonna leave this with @Ballistic Bacon
  17. We can't take your word for it that it's your friend. As it stands, unless you have some form of definitive evidence saying otherwise you aren't going to get unbanned.
  18. Seeing as the ban has expired I will lock this. However, you know what you're doing is wrong, as Duckyy said, others were being slayed or banned for RDM and that in of itself serves as a warning. The round logs prior to your ban show that you have an itchy trigger finger, especially when there are no admins present. That and a prior complaint below tells me enough about you. Keep breaking rules and the bans will be longer. This is the last explicit warning I'm giving you. Locking and moving.
  19. Yeah yeah I know I haven't been active as of late. 

    Just a little update for those who actually care to whatever extent it's cause senior year IB is kicking my ass. 

    The worst of it is more or less behind me, just have a few major assignments left and I'll be getting back on.

    1. Warden Frostwater

      Warden Frostwater

      hey, don't worry about it

      Real life commitments > SNG anyday

    2. redderfry


      life before sng.

      good luck with your assignments and hope all goes well

      see ya soon brother

  20. When I was op I implemented this rule: Having a secondary weapon not obtainable on the map. (Primaries can be picked up from other people, secondaries are not dropped when someone dies if they have a primary) I was very specific with primary's not being kosable because you could easily pick them up from others, and it would be hella Nazi to tell an innocent who killed someone with it that they are not allowed to use it. Not to mention all the 2 IQ people who don't bother reading the rules because TTT rules are generally similar across different communities and platforms. It's a very specific rule that I don't agree with because (hence why I was even apprehensive implementing the secondary rule).
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