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  1. Satellite

    yellow now

    Okay so quagsire when
  2. Satellite

    Hey, I'm Gay

    Grats on joining the big lads Excited to see what you'll do from here on out.
  3. Satellite

    am green

    Aight time to head out
  4. Took this one at the Neuschwanstein Castle in Schwangau, Germany which actually inspired the Disney logo. Was deciding between this or a photo from the castle itself overlooking the lake, 2nd castle and town of Schwangau itself.
  5. yo just wanna say thanks for my unban 2 years ago even though i had several -reps on it, much appreciated dude :)

  6. At this point it's pretty clear nobody wants you back given your history. And seeing as how you've retracted your entire appeal, denied. Feel free to reappeal in 6 months. If you're going to change, it ain't happening in a month.
  7. Seeing as how you've posted the appeal and haven't checked back in at all in a month, I'm going to deny this. Feel free to reappeal at anytime.
  8. I'm gonna go ahead and deny this seeing as you have not given a compelling reason to unmute you. That and the fact that it has been two weeks since you last even checked in on the forums. You can reappeal at anytime, just put some more effort into the appeal than a simple 5 word sentence.
  9. Grats, doesnt change the fact that you're still a bitch
  10. I miss you sate 🌸🥳

  11. Literally a bot. Welcome to forums. You know who to talk to if you need anything.
  12. Satellite

    ios14 btw

    Trying to experiment with look. Also need to figure out some apple dev tools so I can make the widgets that I’m using for background not have a name. This is current look using MapleStory skill icons for apps and a MS1 map for wallpaper. @tie @KING KAZMA cause you two wanted to see
  13. Satellite

    Ban Appeal: Bhop

    Gonna start off and say that you probably have other cheats as well seeing as you were using an injected script. I don't see a compelling reason to unban you, especially given your distinct lack of effort put into this appeal. Your actions have consequences, cheating doesn't get you anywhere. Denied. You can appeal again at the start of next month.
  14. Dang would love the wildfire. Thanks for doing this.
  15. Satellite


    It only took you like 4 years Welcome to the forums fam.
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