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  1. Welcome to the servers! If you have any questions feel free to direct them to myself or any staff member (senior or higher) and we'll help ya out. See ya around gamer
  2. Satellite


    Congrats on white xtc!
  3. My HDD was full so the recording never saved. As a result you're going to be unbanned due to insufficient evidence. However it was blatant as shit with your snaps and your scripts. I'd advise you to turn it off next time your on the servers. Consider yourself lucky bud.
  4. Good man to fuck around with all the time. Fun to play and interact with on the servers. Knows boundaries and rules etc and will make a great admin. Feel free to add to recs. You didnt even fucking ask me >:(
  5. Hey man, it's been a good time with you. Everything happens for a reason in life, we just gotta sort out our priorities and move on. I'll miss ya king, whatever laughs and memories I'll cherish. I enjoyed interacting with you. Hopefully I'll catch you around again!
  6. Seeing as you are blatantly cheating and have not acknowledged this in any way, I'm just gonna deny this. You probably have other hacks along with the scripts anyways. Go HvH on a different 1v1 server.
  7. I'm so disappointed in you

  8. hbd

  9. Happy birthmas salty tits

    1. Jensyl


      wow nvm fag

  10. Happy Birthday!

  11. Happy birthday brother YEE YEE :KKona:

  12. Happy Birthday Sate you a real one

  13. Happy Birthday G!

  14. Sat, don't Sat...

    HBD u big dawgie 

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