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  1. At this point the question is who actually knows how and when to use sm_radio? In terms of practicality, I’m not going to type /radio every time to have to look through a menu for what I want to say. I’ll just end up typing it out, it’s easier. Additionally, there’s not enough awareness to the command itself, the only people who actually know how to use it are the regulars and admins. (Heck I’m willing to bet half the admins don’t or didn’t even know the command) Theres literally one person who I’ve seen legitimately use it, and then a few people who mess around with it for fun. So the question shots asked is very much valid, as a gagged player most likely won’t even have the knowledge to use the command.
  2. Yeah I’m leaving for about two and a half weeks for Iceland and Germany.


    Flight departs in about an hour.


    See y’all on the other side.

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    2. Blueberry
    3. redderfry


      Have a safe trip man, we can’t be losing big brains like you 

      Have fun!

    4. Elegy


      good luck have fun!

  3. For reasons listed above and the fact that it has been two years since your ban, you will be unbanned. Accepted.
  4. It's supposed to be 6k with a 20 second arming period unless @redderfrydecides otherwise.
  5. I thought you always existed on the forums But yes you should beat your toxic head as some of a brother
  6. Satellite

    A short report

    I am so glad I don't play JB
  7. Yeah not enough people actually keep track of this kind of thing. It does smooth out late game to an extent and will make it so that knowing how many traitors are left is not exclusive to those who actually keep track. It's just a matter of implementing it that I can see difficulties. Otherwise I'm all for it. @redderfrycause he's gay man in charge.
  8. I did a second look through of the commsbans on both accounts and found this: https://gyazo.com/aa06200e76892b22cebafb2e947e308b Both accounts were muted at the exact same time so with that and what you've posted above, is enough to say that yes you do have a brother who has a much more interesting past than you on the servers. While yes you have been unmuted, let it serve as a warning that toxicity can only be tolerated to a certain extent. When admins tell you to stop, you stop. Accepted.
  9. A clip of two different computers running CS:GO doesn't prove anything. Both could very easily belong to you with two separate accounts. On that note, I need legitimate cause to believe you two are separate people. Either hop into teamspeak or discord and we can work it out from there. Use the private messaging function on the website to let me know when works for you.
  10. I just searched up your IP and found an associated account which has been permanently muted. You are clearly a trouble maker given the fact that this account has over 30 commbans, and you are evading a mute. Your current account has been permanently muted. Evade this mute and you will be permanently banned. The ban stays for the duration of the day. If you continue to cause trouble, you will be permanently banned. If you feel you've matured, you can appeal the mute in 3 months time. Denied.
  11. Gratz on your new ugly shade of white! I c u doing great things Or else I'll rape you
  12. Okay I see how it is Gratz
  13. Collision shouldn't be a thing with CTs and T's. It causes too many problems on maps like cabin. On round start, you can get stuck in other people if two were originally T but then one got swapped to CT.
  14. Gimme free stuff I want
  15. The "brother" got banned in 2017 a year after the ban you show in the ss for evading. That ban fell under an IP that links to Lilbob's account. The original ban in your ss didn't have an associated IP. The only thing I can think for such a discrepancy between bans is the mans got caught lacking and forgot to use his VPN. Who knows, some people are just too embarrassed to admit they were the ones cheating. That seems like the most logical thing that happened here.
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