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  1. Satellite

    Ban Appeal: Bhop

    Gonna start off and say that you probably have other cheats as well seeing as you were using an injected script. I don't see a compelling reason to unban you, especially given your distinct lack of effort put into this appeal. Your actions have consequences, cheating doesn't get you anywhere. Denied. You can appeal again at the start of next month.
  2. Dang would love the wildfire. Thanks for doing this.
  3. Satellite


    It only took you like 4 years Welcome to the forums fam.
  4. Basically TTT excepts the innos can't shoot back
  5. Ho shit mans moving up in the world. Mucho congrats Klitch
  6. Satellite

    am bloo

    Grats on the well deserved promo! You're still a cheating lil bitch on awp and I know it >:(
  7. Looked up the IP you're banned under and this shitshow was what I found The fuck are you saying here? sv_cheats is literally what it says, enables the use of cheats that are otherwise unavailable. Not to mention the fact that your account you are presently appealing IS vac banned, I'd be compelled to give you a second chance since its been two years, but seeing the lack of effort to say you wont cheat again isn't very convincing, Denied. You can appeal again in 2 months time.
  8. Fam you not gonna invite me to your birthday party? :FeelsBadMan:

    Happy birthday anyways :FeelsBirthdayMan:

  9. Unfortunately due to the death of plays I don't have any of my clips that were definitely my highlights of SNG. The most memorable one would be the time I trapped like 10 people under the bed in dolls with a blackhole and proceeded to wombo combo them with a c4 and jihad. Iirc I ended up gunning one down, blew up like 8 people with the c4 and got a solo jihad on the one survivor still in my blackhole.
  10. So what I'm hearing from a bunch of people who as far as I'm aware don't even play MG is to deny someone operator just because the server is struggling population wise and is low maintenance because of it. While yes MG is clearly struggling, I'd much rather have an operator who is willing to make that commitment to do what they can to revive the server than no operator at all and just straight up letting the server die. Just because you don't care about it, that doesn't mean others don't care as well. If you're saying go to staff to make server specific changes, then you've completely missed the point of what the operator's role and responsibilities are. I'd like to see posts pertaining to the individual applying and what they bring rather than the circumstances of the server they are applying for. Please base your opinion off of your experience with the applicant, not what others have said, as they can just as easily comment here for everyone to see.
  11. Satellite


    Congrats Kaz. Can't wait to see what you can do as a part of staff. Well deserved.
  12. Congrats dude. Love the work you've put in for TTT since my departure from the server. Well deserved.
  13. I'm gonna go ahead and accept this for you. Having an appeal for cheating accepted means you've acknowledged the fact and the community has decided to give you a second chance. If it happens again you wont be able to appeal. Good luck gamer.
  14. You still haven't paid your fucking taxes >:( Seriously though, all around great guy who knows his way around the various servers. Excellent candidate for super regardless of server.
  15. There are two arguments that I'm seeing from people who think it should stay. 1. You don't really gain an advantage doing so cause you're standing still and exposed as fuck. Yes this is true, but for the most part TTT is about information; traitors killing people as discreetly as possible. Anyone with half a brain knows shooting someone in the open when someone can see the whole map is a one way ticket to getting kosed. Okay so deal with the guy in the air then, pretty simple right? If the server is more populated, goodluck finding an isolated spot to killing that guy in the air. If you do and start shooting him, congrats everyone on the server is now converging on your location and you've pretty much outted yourself as a T. If you say something about using silenced weapons, congrats on being retarded, half the maps don't have silenced weapons or are limited to like 1 or 2 for the entire map. If you're gonna say just buy one from T menu, again congrats on being retarded cause most people wont have the credits to afford the silenced weapons let alone the knowledge of how to use the T-menu. When the server is less populated and there's only 1-2 T's, the innos clumped together can just look at each other and say "yep we didn't kill that guy so we're proven to each other" which again, effectively outs the traitor. Stealth is just way harder when one person is using an unintended gimmick can cover the entire map. 2. There are rules in place that shut down certain aspects of prop boosting like camping. Okay and? I don't trust 95% of the playerbase (admins included) to adhere to these rules cause in the few times I have played since its implementation I've seen it broken multiple times by people who lack proper self-regulation. You're literally forcing traitors into one style of gameplay that gets stale overtime if someone is in the air every single round. There's a problem that many of you aren't even acknowledging with regards to prop boosting. Most people simply don't know how to do it. Imagine if everyone did this every single round and you have 5+ people in the sky at once. Goodluck being a traitor against that. I couldn't be bothered less to learn how to freeze a prop mid air so I can use it to parkour around the skybox of a map. People who know how to prop boost inherently have an advantage over new people who don't even know it's a thing, so they wouldn't even think twice about looking in the sky. Especially in a time where the server population is struggling, if I were a new player who wanted to play TTT and saw people playing god in the sky, that would be a huge turnoff cause it just isn't how TTT is supposed to be played. Especially if I died once or twice as a direct result of someone prop boosting. I get that you guys want to have fun, but that can't come at the expense of server population which relies on people coming back. People familiar with TTT want to play TTT, not duck hunt.

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