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Sixredfish last won the day on August 5 2019

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  1. Its hella annoying when a lot people's motive is just to prop boost especially on minecraft dark seeing 5 people do it. Makes the experience a lot worse imo when people aren't playing how the game should be played.
  2. Be on Teamspeak for your interview this Thursday around 9:00pm EST.
  3. An absolute mad lad when it comes to dedication of popping. Really has a passion for Dr and is very well known from almost all Dr playas. Huge +rep gl
  4. For Christmas getting money would be best for me. As I am starting college this fall and don't really need anything besides money rn. It's not a skin but my dream item. It probably won't happen but I want a EMS 2014 Kato capsule. That thing is a complete stock and wouldn't mind holding onto it. I really got into MG because of how chill it was. Made it really enjoyable, and doing different things every time is great as well.
  5. Giving vip to @Awaffle
  6. Cya bottom have the best binds of you
  7. Cute cats man! I am allergic to cats, so I'm a dog guy.
  8. That's the whole incentive to get people to want vip. Who would want vip when they can have a player model without needing vip. You would also see everyone with those player models. Making it kind of bad to see so many people diguised for new players. Too many cons to give non vip player models.
  9. Sixredfish

    so uh

    My luck has died out since I opened those 3 knives in one day. One was 300 one 200 and other 400. I also got a St desolate space that day was crazy. Ive tried getting gloves from the glove case but got two m4 neo noirs. Other than that I've gotten trash, and stopped. Crazy pull rage!
  10. Don't be throwing the same joke already. Smh
  11. Thanks man that mag 7 is fire

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