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  1. Decoys have been that for a long time you'll get use to em trust. Play like a pussy if ya don't wanna die by a decoy or play smart.
  2. Would like twin back. I remember seeing his comment about his joke and when he got banned I was kind of confused cause again it was a joke, but at the time everything was being handled strictly. I believe twin has matured and would like to see him back.
  3. Probably right about the backwards and wanting to have autohop removed a while now whoops Also I'll look into that map @aru if you can hit me up with a gamebanana or bsp link
  4. Warmcup has had autohop for a long time and I like it with when it was removed it didn't feel like a mg map. Also when autohop was removed on warmcup everyone didn't play the map because autohop is necessary. So sorry man it's a no.
  5. +rep very long time player deserves this position
  6. 1,400 like of mine went to you.

    Good timing bruh

  7. Hey everyone I would like to make this post to everyone I've met and helped me along the way. I joined the forums on the 7th of July, but wanted to make this when mg got launched. @ Diam0ndz Thank you so much of how much you've done so far. You've helped me a lot with testing and I am very happy you've helped me. @ August I don't talk to you frequently, but I am very happy to you responding to me when I asked a question. Thank you for making this community revived! @ Pedro Deuces Free rep gang! I feel like we should talk to me more man, I've changed I ain't no @Flowey Trust me haha. Thanks Pedro for everything you've done for this community! @ iCamp I'm sorry for the rocky start I had with you, when I started playing. Thanks for taking charge for the beginning of the community! @ lymbo You always make me laugh when you hop on TTT or another server. Thanks man. Also here is a bind I have which is great from you. @Mr.Derp Thank you so much for liking MG. Without you liking it, I would be a grey boi. Thanks for having gameme started and hope to you see on MG! @ KingjiN pop TTT. You really chill and really like TTT! @ Hachi You a meanie head, but you are cool at times. Whats with your hate with mg bro? @ Character rip your credits hahaha. You a cool guy nothing much more. Keep it up! @MERICAThanks for running the meetings and being a helpful guy! Ginger gang! @justin. welcome back and why u rdm me :( @Jensyl Bro your nutty at awp, and I feel like we should talk more. @chicken007 Hey man thanks for playing on the servers for a long time. I remember playing with you on TTT, and you were hella chill. Also Mac-10 is a good gun btw. @proobs You hella helpful and watch anime. Watch Initial D, you won't regret it! @DeathShadow Bro you are the most chill guy ever. Keep it up! @Satellite We go way back to my start of playing TTT. You've changed a lot mainly playing AWP :/ but hey you still are your ways in TTT. @Patman You make everyone so happy when you play any server. You are a great guy! @Extacy Pump up kicks and play ball! @redderfry Wouldn't think a guy not believing in themselves resign, then get op. You cool on TTT bro! @Alex Haven't talked to you in a while , but you are hella funny when I do talk to you. @Warden Flamewater Keep up the good work and keep your head up my guy! @TwinPlayz why are your posts weird lmao @Sunless grats on super knew you could do it! @Azecko You are nuts when it come to TTT. Keep playing bro! @Noodlesssss You are very chill and still play on the servers. Nice seeing you! @gabe You goofy and try way to hard as ct. @Thing 1™ Yo I appreciate talking to you man. You nutty at KZ @M17 You try way to hard at video games, but at least you give effort. Keep on playing gamer! @Jayyyyy You nuts at rebelling dawg. Thanks for help testing! @Rawr!~ Happy you got purple again man. Also I like your attitude. @Blueberry You an old TTT gamer and live in the midwest. RESPECT! @bung So happy you decided to become super again man! You are such a great guy. @Toast๑ﭥ Come back your so chill and awesome my guy! @Rage You cool my guy, especially on jb! @Jako You great man, especially when you play on TTT. You give me some good laughs! @Tay yo whats up dbook! @NairbUsing this color just for you happy you still like MG! @Tubby /slap tubby 100 >:) @Zarn Your great when you play on TTT and AWP. Keep it up bud! @Trumpet Nice pfp and congrats on purple again! @B0xerZ When you only go onto mg when awp multigames is on. smh @The Golden Medic Come back my g! @Lemons Hey man you hella funny and I always enjoy playing with you man! Thanks for help testing @george your literally a monkey but a good one! @ZachAttack You also an old gamer and you finally have time to play! @7/11 is bae You an old jb player, play mg gamer cause we could use you bro! @Aries I've changed my opinions on you, they have been positive now! Lets get it! @Bottomfraf Thanks for testing MG and being a G! @Earthling I like you so much, you are extremely funny and nice. Thanks for helping out bro! @lexa I meme with you way too much. HAHA! Play MG again. @arrows Come back bro!!! @ayu Thanks for testing, you an honest G. Can't wait to see you on MG! @Sam Yo yo whats up sam! Can't wait to see you on MG! @Smegma When you coming to be purple again?? @Voidhorde ^ come on man I need you bro! @huhgreat gamer been a while until you got accepted to admin! @Dark U smell lmao @Comf You are fun to play with when I hop on TTT! @Toko Glad your still here man, can't wait to see you play MG again! @salty Lets go man! You nuts! @SaltyMeatBalls You play any server its crazy your variety of playing any gamemode @Samy Same to you my guy you are like always with salty. @Duckyy Poggers to my G @Elegy You an old TTT gamer whats up G! @Busa BUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! Whats good my g! Best guy I've met! Thanks for reading and hop on MGGGG!!
  8. I really like going across the map on desparados with the flower pot, but i believe it was enforced to not prop boost and you could get slayed for being in out of bounds. So although I like prop boosting we shouldn't have it back.
  9. +rep very chill guy and think he will do great as admin. Very good at enforcing the rules.
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