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  1. Sixredfish

    Hows all doing

    Was promoted 15 months ago What's up man, how've you been?
  2. Known you since the beginning Warden. You've grown a lot and had some mishaps, but you are still are a great guy. Keep it up man!
  3. bk where i live is legit doo doo water mcd aint bad
  4. When I was four I went to a zoo in California. Was living there at the time. I wouldn't use the public restrooms and only the one at my house. So when we were done at the zoo and the ride back, I had a massive explosion. Remind you I was young.
  5. how shit u changed in two years. Damn.
  6. You stole 1000 csgo cases for 100 bucks you bitch Sleepy smells
  7. How about you play mg and find for yourself shitter It's been off for a long while dummy
  8. Mario party had friendly fire so its a no go. Would like thoughts on removing jacs and/or quep. IMO I like both and jacs has some good nostalgia. Minecraft and Jedi already removed PaulsTeambattle was never added back
  9. @Tubby for input. Ngl you are a nuisance to the players on TTT. Ban should be longer cause you never change.
  10. Fits role well, and is on when there is pop.
  11. Has never been an issue as far as I know. I will look into it.
  12. Good guy +rep Knows the rules well and is helpful
  13. man i got an aneurysm reading this cya later mad lad
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