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  1. Sixredfish

    I'm BACK

    i remember you welcome back
  2. when I was op for MG I added sk maps and @ Diam0ndz coded stuff so it works good like a sk server on those three maps. MG rn has been dead but if you and your buds ever wanna play sk, MG is the play.
  3. the mg purge wasnt a thing gonna be interesting
  4. Champ'd up is such a great new game. Also survive the internet is really fun!
  5. Dude was quite a problem with countless warnings. Don't think you would change. -rep
  6. You kept calling me bald for no reason even with many lenient warnings. Not sure if you really changed, but you were so annoying everytime I played. 7 months can change but from what I've experienced from you I don't buy it. If your appeal does get accepted don't mess up your second chance. -rep
  7. 5th time applying for admin? Gonna make another goodbye post in 6 months? Goated plebian Is fit to rule the horde +3
  8. Extremely tragic and heartbreaking. I've been seen a memorial on Flight 93 the plane that the people on the plane prevented the hijackers on going to the capitol. I just get emotional on these stories, and it shall always be a day to be remembered.