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  1. not to bug or anything just wondering when i will be unbanned


  2. Next time don't shoot in stack and you good! Would be down for unban
  3. The player has been active and respectful. I wouldn't mind seeing unban @Tubby
  4. Luigi's Mansion 3 has some banger tunes and is great game to play. King Boo best Nintendo character don't @ me js. Floor 6 in the game has my favorite song to listen to. Super Smash Bros Ultimate is good but hard to use if you just have a Switch Lite. Breath of the Wild is a good one to use for single player Super Mario Odyssey is a great game
  5. Welcome to the forums man
  6. Sixredfish


    I love those channels a lot I also like watching Kibler and Kripp for Hearthstone and SMG4
  7. 2017 MG player. Have a good one!
  8. but I just did comment on your profile

    damn real life ughhhhh, happy birthday

  9. Hey all I just wanted to say today is my birthday! Last time on the forums and it was down so it skipped my birthday. (I still celebrated in IRL obviously) I am now an adult, and don't know how to respond on being an adult now. I know I will buy a scratch off, but don't know what else I'll do today. What will you when you are 18, or what did you do when you were 18? Shoutouts to @Noodlesssss @Mythin and @Rich for commenting on my profile even though it's hard to notice. Have a good day!
  10. HBD sped

    1. Rich


      Happy birthday!

  11. It is useless to have that command and having manual days are more enjoyable. (Also wth man you asked me as well smh)
  12. sniff snifffff uhh what is that smell Is that Lloyd applying for Awp Super Ewww +rep fits well for the role

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