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  1. It's a thing. I saw a T die from it. This issue is just because of props. P sure it works like in TTT. If you jump when table moving you gonna go through it and collapse to the ground. Not much can be fixed as the TTT bug hasn't been fixed. It is also a rare occurrence as most T's don't move the table. Not a big deal
  2. I believe Extacy kicked you to cut your behavior down. It didn't do much as you got banned swiftly after. You've honestly been a complete ass to me for no reason. One joke you keep bringing up, which I have told you to stop saying. Obviously you haven't learned, as I have been extremely lenient about warnings and such. This will most likely be your last giant red warning for you. You will probably be perm muted or banned, if you keep up the toxicity. -rep
  3. Sixredfish


    My second semester of my senior is going good. Decided to take some interesting and challenging classes, that I really enjoy.
  4. +rep very good man that is very knowledgeable and capable in being a mentor
  5. skyscraper best map so it should be default. js
  6. If I am right Deagle and MG and AWP all reset at the same date. Neither of the two have had their points restarted. I believe derp set the restart up
  7. points should reset on 3/1/20 as the last time it was reset it was on 12/1/20 Edit: i am saying their shouldn't have been force reset, because points should reset in a month
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    You kinda forgot what I traded up for Grats noods on JB op. You've been here for a long time. Well deserved!
  9. Thanks for the @'d giveaway winner :( also nice color
  10. Sixredfish

    free money

    bung u were a ttt og cya man

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