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  1. I remember asking you the question why you resigned. You responded with "I wanted to give someone else the role who would help TTT more than me." You claim on this post you weren't thinking straight. I would say giving your role to make someone else TTT op role, when you believe you aren't helping TTT a lot is completely fine. Now that your applying for TTT op again, it confuses me a lot. Would like an explanation for this.
  2. Good friend with this guy. Would do great as TTT op. gl!
  3. Yep super rare. Also stattrak pink is like .3% covert is .63% then three knives and all of them being very nice looking. I also got a classic knife night stripe in November so had my luck used up.
  4. The chances of getting a knife is slim af. I had balance from the first knife unboxed in November. Did trade ups got lucky on some. Needless to say, I have no clue what I will do forward with these items, and won't unbox for a while now. Also, I definitely won't be scammed, I am very aware of all these shitters out here. I feel bad how unlucky you got damn.
  5. I usually dont buy keys on csgo for unboxing, but yesterday and today I was quite surprised by my luck. I decided I wanted to open some clutch cases 9 in total. I got a FT M4A4 Neo Noir. Very surprised I got this item. I then said screw it and opened some Spectrum cases. First case I got knife! It is a Hunstman Knife Marble Fade FN with a .01 float. Extremely surprised I got a knife and showed my bro in excitement. It was 1 AM when I opened the knife. I opened 4 Spectrum cases, and moved onto 3 Gamma cases. I was on JB at the time open my case. I was opening the case exit out of it, by mistake and looked for presumably the blue I just got. I couldn't find it, so I looked at my steam inventory to be surprised seeing a M9 Bayonet Lore WW in my inventory. The server thought I was lying, because y'know it is so unlikely to get a knife. They saw it and were all astonished. I open two more Gamma cases. I get a blue as expected, then I get a StatTrak M4A4 Desolate Space MW. The server saw it and went to shit. The next day which will be the day I will stop a unboxing spree. I opened 6 Gamma cases and got 1 purple. Then opened 13 Spectrum cases got 3 purples. However, on my 11th cases I got a third knife. A Falchion Knife Tiger Tooth FN with .04 float. I opened a total of 35 cases and got items worth a total of $1,000. Unboxing a knife is so unlikely and the fact that I got three and red and a stattrak pink is unbelievable. I wanted to share you my luck to you guys, because this rarely happens. Have a good one! Here is my steam inv link https://steamcommunity.com/id/sixredfish/inventory/#730 *DISCLAIMER* The Empress and Mp9 Darkage aren't a part of the unboxing. I removed a sticker from the dark age making it show up the inventory recently. First item i got was the sg553 Aloha Did a trade up of 10 blues got the best gun AWP Phobos Did more trade ups so some skins unboxed are gone in inventory.
  6. Everytime I'm on JB I see Matt. Trial for JB would probably me the best suit for him as others said he is new to the community. Good luck.
  7. Awesome I've remember playing on the server with you a while back. Cool to see you a yellow man now!
  8. This is giving me some Super Meat Boy vibes, and oh boy do I love the OST. Listen to Devil N' Bass if you haven't heard of it. Good work man!
  9. Sixredfish


    Wouldn't think you would ever have your color changed. Grats!
  10. Has been in community for a long time, feel like he deserves this position. Good luck.
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