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  1. Extremely tragic and heartbreaking. I've been seen a memorial on Flight 93 the plane that the people on the plane prevented the hijackers on going to the capitol. I just get emotional on these stories, and it shall always be a day to be remembered.
  2. I be down for a second chance. 2 years a while and hope you've gotten better.
  3. They caused a lot problems on mg during summer 2018 til the purge in September. The whole squad was a problem except a few. I'm down for a second chance.
  4. I got Among Us but not Fall Guys. I can see Fall Guys being fun for a bit, but they aren't just adding many things season 2 when it comes out seems small. The games seem fine but if I was every team game I would hate. There two completely different games but I think Among Us is just better for that party aspect of 10 players. I think Fall Guys is huge right now because of the character. Why wouldn't you want to be a weird looking bean, ready to murder?
  5. Yea my man takes things a little bit too much, but has much passion for TTT. I definitely can see M17 being a good op, yes he has his tilt moments, I'm not sure if he has changed to be more better as of now, but I think M17 is the best bet for TTT to grow. He is a long time playa and I know TTT can flourish. I agree a lot with Bung ^ +rep gl
  6. So happy for you my man! LETS GOOOOOOOOO!
  7. my dude was denied two times without interview for super then jb op Pog You actual care for the server hope to see good things grats playa
  8. Pog

  9. I have this game and it's really fun won't mind giving it to a friend to play. Thanks man!
  10. Could you do one of my profile picture the one with the sleeping dog :) thanks!
  11. awesome thanks klitch

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