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  1. Sorry man I feel you. This guy is hella funny if you ever feel down. https://youtu.be/08kMdn8L7Yw
  2. Smart guy would be good on the team +rep
  3. the awp shit needs fixing, knives are geyy spawn protection would be v nice on ski mountain 5 seconds and super tower 3 seconds
  4. Dude knows his rules very well. The t room shit on bowling is hella gay, but is only accessible to Ts, unless they open it which can make innos get in. +rep dude knows his shit
  5. I play clash of clans as well lmao
  6. No mic player going for TTT super Think he will be good with the position Oh God oh fuck Good luck
  7. Settlers of Catan is the shit Exploding kittens is good Magic The Gathering is because I had a deck in 2013, don't play much Magic anymore. Secret Hitler good Monopoly = 3 hours gone Sorry = RNG but fun Quirkle is the shit. This game is such a good family game would highly recommend.
  8. would like to add i wasnt in the room until the door opened thats when i legit just walked into the door. So i confused when i was called KOS for legit walking into an open door. I died for shooting at you so it was fine. but when u called KOS for me going in the door made me confused and warranted your slays. Edit: i said the KOS was the reason i got mad. Not shooting at you, my fault for legit missing my shots. I got stuck and u went into the conclusion to kos me when i just wanted to be in the closet not the t room.
  9. you called KOS on me when i legit just was walking towards the door. I wasnt near the door my T bud opened it, and it closed on me when i was trying to get in. I was stuck and cuz u saw me stuck u called KOS on me. The thing is EVERYONE goes into that room. So it would be so much rdm to kill anyone in that room.
  10. Didn't knew he changed his name when i knew him as cemetery active dude and knows rules good fit for admino
  11. shit i want this to just have it as a stock
  12. thats the most obscure and tiny bug that doesnt affect anything xd
  13. giving a list would be nice I would suggest all of em
  14. 100% princess skyscraper so much fun
  15. He hasn't passed yet, but he has told my dad he doesn't want to live in a paralyzed life, so their is only hope if he makes its. Thanks for the kind words everyone :)
  16. I just got news that my grandfather will most likely pass away in the next day or two. Please love your grandparents you won't see them in the future. Thanks
  17. You've been here long enough to know that macros aren't allowed. -rep gl
  18. Something I would like to achieve in life is traveling to a lot of countries. I plan on saving money and getting a good paying job for the funds. Thanks for doing this man could replace my st bs hyper beast. Good luck everyone :3
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