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  1. Tay

    free money

    a lil something
  2. +rep jako got snubbed out of operator last time
  3. Tay

    Hi I'm Pink Now

    what rank is pink again?
  4. Tay

    hows it goin

    pretty swell. hanging out with friends more it’s been fun
  5. Tay

    Selfie Topic

    i was talking to jako
  6. Tay


    I am resigning from AWP super. Ever since i started my job, I've been working almost everyday. Between that, school, and hanging out with friends I do not have time to play games. When i do have time to play some games, I do not really want to play CS:GO. I don't see my activity on AWP getting any better, so I want it to be fair and give other admins a chance at super. gl boysngirls (resigning to admin)
  7. Tay

    PC or Gaming Laptop?

    I didn’t spend 1k on my laptop, and it runs all of my games quite well.
  8. Tay


    Get rid of taj heaven @Jako

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