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  1. this go hard. def a viber to listen to keep it up brosky
  2. u actually puit those messages i was just tryna meme the kid LOL going high enough in the sky where "damage drop off" or "weapon inaccuracy" happens when trying to shoot someone means they really shouldn't be up there... you know how like the rule says but do not surf to unreachable areas of maps that give you an obvious advantage over other players. at this point prop boosting/surfing is the only thing thats fun TO ME on ttt anymore. why this guy was complaining about prop boosting/surfing when theyy were clearly breaking the rules and should've been punished? idk but that shouldn't be the reason prop boosting should be removed. that's just my put!
  3. +rep nothing to say but htis guy a goat
  4. seems like a good kid thats dedicated to the server. those recs tho good luck
  5. What do you wish for Christmas this year, despite Coronavirus? better parts for my pc... been trying to upgrade for a while Aside from a knife skin, what is your dream CS:GO skin that you wish you owned? Always wanted a ak-47 point disarray What is your favorite SNG Server and why? clearly ttt since its the best server thanks you for this warden
  6. Would make great things happen for our struggling event team! +rep
  7. redderfry

    giveaway time

    i will give my vip to @Warden Flamewater
  8. redderfry

    Cya homies

    you always gotta see the real ones go cya brother

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