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  1. So we can either... remove the ID from innocents menu and remove FAKE ID from traitor menu (because it's useless) OR We can remove FAKE ID from traitor menu and raise the price of ID, making it actually prove the innocent buying it. If the second option^ goes through, What should the price of ID be? Would like to hear everyone's thought on this.
  2. We still have random tele and I’m pretty sure we still have decoy teleporter and poison smoke was remove because it wasn’t working. If we can get it to work we can surely add it back.
  3. all I’m saying is... some of those fire ass gmod maps, we ain’t got. Whatever feels comfortable for you warden.
  4. ily <3 

    happy bday

  5. happy bday loser.


  6. hope everything turns out ok brother.
  7. can decoys not take 20 points gameME: Just Legend (1,047) got 20 points [-20] for killing 「§NG」| redderfry (1,170)
  8. warmcup didn't have autohop until darth elmo became op. you have it backwards bud, everyone didn't play the map because autohop was on
  9. active, plays alot and knows rules. does get mad easily and argues over little things sometimes. neutral
  10. sometimes you can't pick up guns when its a new map @Sixredfishremove autohop on warmcup... literally no one likes it and it delays the rounds.
  11. happy bday blue:)

  12. Yeah we're going with choice B obviously. There's legit no point in working on something when we already have it but better.
  13. There's no point in that if the /radio command literally has a response that says "Check" You can easily see the message in chat for the fact that it's a different color from everything else. Also the radio command counts as typing in chat and it does show up in logs
  14. We really don't have to go through the trouble of making a plugin for this. If a player is gagged they can simply use the /radio command and use any of the commands such as Check, Yes , No to respond
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