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  1. lol I remember tay saying he was gonna make a report on me for using this If devs can make it so when T’s buy something from shop it shows up in logs so we can see if they are “cheating” or just using the item. If they can do that I’m fine with adding this again
  2. redderfry

    Hows all doing

    welcome back brother. @georgehas stolen your title as a tree camper
  3. happya bday zurr! :FeelsBirthdayMan:

  4. happy bday to a goat

  5. omg whyyyy you will always be a horny gamer girl in my heart 😢 You will be missed by this community... cya man
  6. happy bday!@!!#!@#!@#!@#

  7. warden coming in clutch like always good stuff brother Both versions have been uploaded*
  8. 1. that would be great 2. they said they’ve tried everything to fix this but nothing works. ima message diamondz about something that may be causing this when I get home. 3. usp is one of the “exclusive” weapons. You see very few of them if not any on maps for a reason. 4.Some of my supers and I have some ideas and would love to communicate with the event team to host something. 5.A way you can increase your chances of getting T is playing as detective. Besides that, everyone has the same chances and sometimes you just get fucked with shit RNG and there’s not much you can do:/ The only way to make it easier for people to get T is changing the T to inno ratio and that would make shit unbalanced.
  9. Yeah go for it dude There’s still a spot in v2 that you can get out of the map that o guess you forgot about. When I get home later today I can show you where it
  10. @Smashy You said you slayed him because he false kosed you for killing spazzers. But a whole 50 seconds later you say "I freaked out and killed budders because he false kosed me" it doesn't really add up man. The only proof we have here is Finta getting slayed for killing you 1 second after killing someone else sooo unless you get some form of proof, you're in the wrong here.
  11. wya bro


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