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  1. redderfry

    Who's the Hig?

    Before the round starts since like 2 months ago it says eliminate the Hi or Hig cuz of danger zone or something... it’s a meme
  2. well the cvar is set to only give you your karma back if the innocent role shoots you first so if it’s a detective idk man... devs could fix the losing credits part and prob add detective to getting your karma back if you get shot by em first
  3. Player Name redderfry Steam ID STEAM_0:0:484175522 Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/id/redderfry/ Is your forum account linked to Steam? Yes Age 6 Why would you be a good Operator? I've been part of the sng ttt community nearly since it came out and i've non stop been trying to help the server improve in every way. I was operator about a month ago so I guess i'd say I have experience and it would make me good lol? Which leads to the question why did I retire and reapply rn. Im not going to go into detail but something was going on in my life at that time and I really wasn't thinking straight which caused me to make a dumb mistake. I'm ready to apply and operate ttt again! I AM NOT FARMING WEIRDCHAMPS What changes would you make to the mapcycle, if any, to make the server more enjoyable? No maps to add right now. Was looking through some maps earlier tho What rule changes would you make, if any, to make the server more enjoyable? None Do you understand you the role that TTT Operator plays in SNG? Yes Have you read and met all requirements for this position? Yes
  4. thats when they miss their shot and then you end up hitting them first which is unfortunate.. also edit ur post instead of posting more
  5. ur about to burn down the forums with this fire relax
  6. redderfry

    Pink time

    there’s goes the streak for longest operator... gz
  7. people say you sound like me so you must be a god... +rep
  8. for ttt also add a afk manager that moves players to spec after a minute and thirty seconds(or a minute) of no activity also add ghost deathmatch to ttt SUGGESTION add freezetag day back to jailbreak with 2-3 minute timer instead of 5 like last time
  9. genuinely cares and wants to make the server be at its all time best Good luck boss
  10. knows what he's doing best out of most current supers Good luck!
  11. LOL WHAT 1. i did not mute you, patman muted you because you kept talking while dead after we warned you. 2. You were the only one on the server that got muted/kicked also not by me. 3. when did i chat spam KEKW
  12. you did not add those points up right bro i won more than broge
  13. grats person from the future that didnt warn us about 9/11
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