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  1. happy woof woof day!

  2. Maybe devs can make it to where when a hunger games day is started there’s random gun spawns around the map and make it so the same guns don’t spawn in the same spot and the guns are randomized. Ex. In one room such as pool, there’s a few different spawns... not all of the spots have a 100% chance to spawn a gun. If the gun is spawned it is randomized ( one round it could be a glock and another it could be a mp5sd or in another round a gun could not spawn at all in that spot ). Everyone would spawn around in between cells and armory. Of course everyone has a grace period to loot and find weapons (15 seconds?) Yes, this would take time adding spawns to every map but in my opinion would be the best way aside from only knifes sorry if any of this was said i didn’t read the posts
  3. Testing round 2 baby LETS GO see u gamers there
  4. happy late birthday! i really like this one tho... gives me good vibes
  5. thanks for the warning man!
  6. redderfry


    I SEE U BLACK FROM TEH WASTE DOWN I C U gratz homie https://gyazo.com/cf7b224ce948556c8aea32aab8c8c251
  7. sometimes play basketball or football with friends in morning and eat shit on my pc for rest of day 😐
  8. happy bday!

    come back :/

  9. I personally didn't think you were cheating from the start tbh. Also don't think this would be enough for a ban either +rep for unban

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