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  1. if we unban coolduck we unban sushi man pls
  2. redderfry

    Free Skins

    Alex the goat with another giveaway
  3. Overall a fun guy to play with except when he scams you out of 40k credits... Anyways! Knows everything about rules you need to know, has some decent ideas and a very active player. Good luck!
  4. redderfry

    h e l l o

    what's up bro it's been a bit :v nice to see you again
  5. Yes. Bara had something like this and it popped up at 1 minute saying to hurry up or something xd.(on phone I look tomorrow) but yeah if we can get something like that added again it would be nice
  6. redderfry


    pfp says fuck DR and pengu so fak u bitch -rep
  7. i dont see deathrun in timetracker @ Diam0ndz also if you havent added it back yet at !freerun for t's and also !dice for ct's
  8. I can completely disagree on this. He’s always messaging me if there’s a problem with the server or if there’s any rule breakers and an admin is needed. He’s a really chill guy and knows when to joke around and when to be serious. Pretty active and has a great understanding of the rules. Good luck!
  9. ay bro we could get this on ttt too:)
  10. im pretty sure you can just stand on a corner, use !mirror and see around it and idk about the other servers but for ttt that would cause some funky confusion if people use that to kill others. maybe if possible you can make it where when you use !mirror everything around you goes black so the only thing visible is your player model so players dont find a way to abuse it and actually use it to look at their player model
  11. sucks to see the best go. Good luck with life brosky
  12. lol I remember tay saying he was gonna make a report on me for using this If devs can make it so when T’s buy something from shop it shows up in logs so we can see if they are “cheating” or just using the item. If they can do that I’m fine with adding this again
  13. redderfry

    Hows all doing

    welcome back brother. @georgehas stolen your title as a tree camper
  14. happya bday zurr! :FeelsBirthdayMan:

  15. happy bday to a goat

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