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  1. Ok that is reasonable. But I would just like to say that i would say hachi is coming on. which is almost the same thing so i understand. I will learn from my mistakes have a good day and thank you.
  2. In-Game Name: mugen Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:14072124 Name of the Admin that punished you: Nick Reason why you got punished: Duplicate accounts. Length of your punishment: Permanently Reason why the punishment should be lifted: I am a VIP on the server. I also play on this server to have fun and not to harm or ruin anyone's day, i go on the server to have fun and talk with people. If i said somethings that are unpleasant or things that i offended you i am very sorry and didn't mean to harm you. I think that the reason the admin banned me for was a little harsh. I was play
  3. I was in the sk server talking to a guy named Quadro. Then nick comes in and asks me to stop talking when I'm just talking with Quadro. But i end up to keep on talking and then he mutes me. Then i go onto my other account and they figure out it is me and then he permanently bans me from the server for having duplicate accounts. I guess I'm here to apologize for my actions and wasn't there to ruin anyone day just wanted to have fun.