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  • Birthday 07/15/1999

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  1. Happy birthday!!

  2. S..

    she drizzles, she pours, what can't she do

    1. S..
    2. Rain


      I can't juggle.

  3. Rain

    Bop-bop-bop, bop to the-

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Rain


      Yes! I can't do it on your Steam profile so I'm doing it here.

    3. Diam0ndz


      wow that's kinda rude...

    4. Rain
  4. S..


    i dont know what you are now but congrats mister proobs big happy for you man
  5. S..

    I Need A Daddy

    man i joined the wrong community
  6. happy early birthday :wub:

  7. B0xerZ

    happy bday pphead :FeelsBirthdayMan:

  8. ily <3 

    happy bday

  9. Unironically Notre-Dame, I'd really like to visit si-o-se-pol because my dad has been, I'd also like to visit Azadi Square just to see it once.
  10. Stink stank stunky ❤
  11. See you soon, glad to be working with you now!! it's a joke no ban pretty please c: You're a neat guy, and you were always pretty open to helping others, even outside of your own community, I appreciate that. Thanks for creating all that you created, and doing all that you did.
  12. S..

    Ban Appeal: kai

    +rep it's been such a long time, if he still has interest in playing he must truly enjoy the server
  13. As an avid player of this gamemode, I would like to announce that I am thoroughly appalled that some people have voted to remove this mighty and crucial aspect to our community server's gameplay. Fascists.

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