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  1. my only memories are of all the giveaways I’ve lost... please do not engrave another memory like that into my head :|
  2. so basically we can conclude that golden medic is a retard and nothing happened here
  3. if a T koses someone, it's pretty much a 1on1 trade. the moment the inno is killed, the server should see that the kos was false, and that in itself is kosable so you can KOS the traitor. just cause people use it to be petty doesn't mean it should be taken out. if someone is mad at someone and they get traitor, they have a ton of different ways to kill them. singling out false kos just cause it is annoying to you isnt an issue with the rule, just an issue with how you perceive what's happening
  4. how tf do u get a simpler command than an @ sign in team chat?
  5. erik :]

    Clown Urself

    this was 5 years ago btw
  6. ur ip banned sorry
  7. You have gone far downhill xen
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