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  1. “Use common sense” *proceeds to describe common sense*
  2. erik :]

    naK is back pt. 62

    yea thanks for letting us know! if u didn’t we’d never know ur around! really glad u came back again! for the 5th time! and u told us! THANKS AGAIN this post was written by the attention poster hater gang
  3. erik :]

    Wat up peeps

    u rly gonna reply to every response just to up ur content count? SHUTP
  4. erik :]

    Thank You

    Shut the hell up
  5. +rep the sheer fact this man stayed around even after getting banned from admin chat is mind boggling. wooper is a PRIME CANDIDATE
  6. I can confirm that jorj has advanced from a no micer to a true micer. He stepped into it easily at first, refusing to speak on anything but discord. Eventually he opened up to teamspeak and in game voice chat, and is now a 3 way communication type man. He has reached micer status.
  7. u in ur feels or smth? delete this shit
  8. my only memories are of all the giveaways I’ve lost... please do not engrave another memory like that into my head :|
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