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  1. If there are atleast 10 people interested, it would be the most optimal number for a league.
  2. Would people be interested in being part of a free SNG fantasy football league? The NFL season is approaching and I think that a league would be a fun way for the people who follow football to compete with each other. This post is really just to garner interest.
  3. So what your saying is, that you admit that you and your buds were ghosting (which is a nono based on ttt rules) and you are upset after you got a tiny slap on the wrist for it? I know I havent been that active, but I have been playing ttt for a while, and most times ghosting has been a 2 week ban minimum, no questions asked, where I have previously played. So a 1 hour ban seems like nothing. I don't really get why you are so upset over it.
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