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  1. As someone who went a fuck ton in the past, my top flavor is asian zing . Though y'all should try the blazing and see how that goes
  2. There are 3 open spots in the league left, first come first serve. Make sure if you are interested, you join the discord and get the fantasy football role in order to join the league
  3. Could the draft be in the evening, most people work midday on a monday
  4. For those not in discord, it has been decided that the league will be cut off at 12 people, with lock-in/finalizing of participants on 8/19. I think we have currently hit the 12 personcutoff, but feel free to let us know if you are interested in case someone drops out. The draft for the league will be around the end of preseason week 4.
  5. You need to have a role in order to see the channel, make sure you ask diamondz or Alex for the role in discord
  6. If there are atleast 10 people interested, it would be the most optimal number for a league.
  7. Would people be interested in being part of a free SNG fantasy football league? The NFL season is approaching and I think that a league would be a fun way for the people who follow football to compete with each other. This post is really just to garner interest.
  8. So what your saying is, that you admit that you and your buds were ghosting (which is a nono based on ttt rules) and you are upset after you got a tiny slap on the wrist for it? I know I havent been that active, but I have been playing ttt for a while, and most times ghosting has been a 2 week ban minimum, no questions asked, where I have previously played. So a 1 hour ban seems like nothing. I don't really get why you are so upset over it.
  9. CSGO is currently being planned out for the winter as a big event like the league one
  10. Team Fortress 2 - Fun Night -Hosted by GCC- Details Date: 21st October 2017 (Saturday) Time: 4 PM CST / 5PM EST / 9 PM GMT Requirements: Just own the game in your library, that's it. Prizes: -N/A- Organizers: Pyros & The Wall(hosted by GCC thanks to these two) Gamemodes: Warioware & Freak Fortress Round Time: 30 Minutes, then a vote is made to select the next gamemode to re-do. Server IP [!] [!] Event Information Server IP: > < General Information: This Mini-Event will be ran on one of pG's event servers (Big Thanks to them!), it will run for as long as it needs (1d/2d/3d if it takes) and it will consist mainly of 2 gamemodes, Warioware & Freak Fortress, every 30 minutes a vote will start and either the current GM will continue or another one will be chosen, everyone has been invited to this event, bring your friends whether they belong to a community, or not. Gamemodes: Freak Fortress: A gamemode where you get to play with other players and charge at a boss of custom choosing! (You can select it's different abilities and player models, etc...) The goal is to defeat them or control a control point. Warioware: Play Simon Says inside TF2! Invite you friends, and watch them as they fail to execute orders given to them by the game! these fools, thought they could defeat the gamemode...You gain a point everytime you survive a task, the player with the most points wins. Rules: No DOX/DDoS Threats, No Cheating/Hacking, No Racism/Homophobia/Xenophobia (Unless it's for sarcasm use/no harmful intentions), No use of any kind of exploit on the map, Do not be toxic, Play for fun. Saturday 21st October
  11. I think you are misunderstanding my concern. My concern is specifically some butthurt 12 year old who just got banned using this info posted here to harm the person they are angry at. But if you're comfy with it, you do you
  12. I feel like there can be a lot of bad things happening from this. You are practically Doxxing yourself for free so if anyone ever gets butthurt about you they know where to go to bother you in real life. Posting this shit on a gaming community is probably a terrible idea since it will give people with bad intentions ammunition. imo

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