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    I enjoy fishing chilling at the beach.
    Lifes good
    I like skittles
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  1. hbd

    stop bein a druggie

  2. Hapoy birthday !

  3. Lets get this fucking bread @mark—- @Dan @End My Suffering @proobs
  4. Eminem album best of 2018 and will stay the best if you disagree well you don't know real rap

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Earthling


      astroworld was better

      eminems album was good too tho

    3. Durandal


      l m a o

      best album of 2018???


    4. forge


      yeah idk about that

      one of the worse albums ive listened to this year

  5. ayyyyy you made it bruh. Your hard worked paid off big time, glad to see you here
  6. THAT WAS SICK MAN I need to somehow torrent one of these programs and give it a shot at making one of these
  7. Marlin

    Operator :)

    Congrats you definitely deserve it. I can not wait to see what things you bring to AWP East
  8. Marlin

    New JB OP

    Well earned bro. I can not wait to see what things you bring to jailbreak
  9. #PANTHERNATION so I hate the Pats and the Eagles but I am going for the Eagles because I hate them less and want to see the pats lose. Eagles did really good this year they deserve it
  10. Marlin

    Drew's Intro

    Welcome to the forums bud
  11. Welcome to the forums man, Glad you are here
  12. I agree with this because 90% of the time when we are about to do climb I just assume we start when the warden says the word go and start getting shot at and realize the warden said when says start and ruined a round for me because I dozed off into outer space for 10 secs to entertain myself while I waited to start climb
  13. Marlin


    Welcome to the forums buddy