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  2. How could you call yourself a good person? How can you sit there and lie and convince yourself that that your actions are any worse hen anyone else? Especially when you can't understand the effects of your own actions to begin with.. Unable to grasp even the concept of what true ignorance actually is, if you truly believe that anything should have superior rights over another subject or over another person with out a logical reason.. Every one is equal until heir actions prove otherwise, everyone is an individual.. But how can you rightfully judge someones actions if you are so twisted up t. he point where you are incapable of even understanding the concept of logic? Ohh it is ok to judge me on the things i do or say because you don't understand why i do or say the things that i do.. But you all complain and get upset when i return the favor, and believe that i am upset just for acknowledging you.. Hiding in your lithe cave yet don't believe i can see you through the dark to find yo crawling around like an animal, so think twice before lecturing me on what true ignorance is.. Because i promise you, that i see so much more Ignorance in you in just one conversation, then you will ever find in me.. Feel free to challenge me if you so please, i will be waiting with a bag of fucking popcorn with a smile on my face..
  3. can you losers show some fucking respect and like his posts
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