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  • Birthday 08/31/2001

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    Somewhere in Nigeria, hasn been put on the map yet
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  1. happy bday

  2. i wonder if this guy still mad squeaky

    Happy birthday man!

  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. shax

    ASMR Topic

    i love ASMR. Sometimes i watch it going to bed. But mostly i watch mukbangs while im eating because it just makes the food taste 10x better
  5. Zurr

    Happy birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday


  7. happy bday

    feelsbad bro, on ur bday :FeelsBadMan:

  8. on ur mf bday :PepeHands:

  9. tooba

    On your bday too. Happy birthday lol

  10. shax


    Ok well, everyone probably saw this coming soo im resigning. I dont think there is any way i can revive sk and i have school soon so im gonna be less active than i already am. I tried my best but there is nothing more i could do. Im going in to 12th grade so school is almost over and that means college. Im gonna have a lot of stuff to do and i dont think I will have time to do anything on SK. Also im not doing any good here so i may as well leave Thankyou to everyone who has impacted me and changed me for the better over these past few years. You guys have helped me get through a lot. I especially want to thank @Crismo - [Nick] for everything he has done for me. If it werent for him i wouldnt even think of being an admin. This has been a long road and im afraid ive reached the end. l just want to tell you guys how much i love and appreciate all of you, from the bottom of my heart. I love this community and its sad that i have to leave, but i guess its for the better. I'll see you guys around love, -shax
  11. Happy bday! :D 

  12. squeaker alert!

    happy bday

    1. shax


      its tomorrow g


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