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  2. @themonkeyand I at the airport. He was on his way back home and he got sick
  3. nice job still shitposting on waren's post. You people can't resist can you? You people are pathetic, just saying. Good night y'all
  4. Just listen to this full album
  5. I've seen this process too many times. >Someone creates a surf server expecting to get players >Server is up and buggy as fuck because there are no reliable public surf timers and creating a good surf timer requires knowledge of surf from the person making the timer >Server is poppin for 3 days because their friends are playing on that server >1 person dominates all the records >There is no competition so best person quits >Other people quit because that 1 person has all the records and there is no reason to compete for rank 2 when there is only a few other people >People quit playing because there are other better and established surf servers with an already built community It's the sad truth but that's just how it goes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. Love surf but no reason to play on any other csgo surf servers than the already establsihed ones

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