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  1. i am not reading all of this can someone give me a quick rundown?
  2. I bet everyone who is DOWN WIT IT do not even actively play mc right now
  3. Durandal


    for what purpose
  4. i have grown to powerful warden u cant stop the movement more specifically my BOWL movement
  5. welcome children of sng i bring a new warden challenge tier system i will be awarding a the winner cthe challenge????!? attain the most ppp points (poop pee popints) simple yes? 10 points if you like this post 9 points if you send me photo of your grandma (c lothes on perf) 189 points per rdm in ttt/jb 3321 points if you can locate my long lost dog, michaelo (come back bb) 2 points per post in this thread good luck fellow sngiggers
  6. wardan i will cary the burdan of the wardan tag need not worry warden poopwater has been born
  7. i just shit my fucking pants i wish @Warden Flamewaterwas here to smel this
  8. @shax^confess your sins NOW
  9. Durandal

    Off to college

    Don't get swept up in the social part of college until you get your academic shit sorted out. You are there to become proficient enough in a field to get a degree in it, everything else is secondary. Unlike highschool no one is going to hold your hand through any of it. That kind of freedom fucks up a lot of freshman.
  10. Durandal

    Favorite Food

    Calamari Shrimp Oysters
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