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  1. Wait warden is posting again it must be the year 2020!... Wait a second... ยฐ~ยฐ
  2. Hey xen, can you please stop dragging zyzz and chestbrah into your terrible attempt at making a quality shitpost.
  3. -rep Erik is immature and lacks any awareness to his authentic self. Everywhere Eric goes, chaos and destruction follow. I plead with you all to consider the consequences of having erikc on editorial team. There have been pivotal moments in history where a catastrophic event could have been avoided if GOOD men had risen up and shouted "NO!" We are currently at that pivotal point. I am on my hands and KNEES, BEGGING for airik to NOT get this position please LISTEN.
  4. Grief hits everyone differently, some more than others and some sooner than others.
  5. i am not reading all of this can someone give me a quick rundown?
  6. I bet everyone who is DOWN WIT IT do not even actively play mc right now
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