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  1. +rep good admin, active, and tries hard to make the server a better place
  2. +1 for allowing traitors to KOS
  3. I was going under the assumption that it wouldn't show that
  4. It's against the rules to for people to give permission to kill them. So you cannot coordinate a situation in which a T-buddy kills you to claim innocence. If you try and coordinate it to play it off as an accident, you would have to type in game to tell your T-buddy to do so, thus providing evidence of abuse of the system. Also if you purposefully start killing T-buddies to claim innocence, you are just rdming at that point, they will punish you, and you will prolly also get slayed in subsequent rounds or eventually banned. Just cuz you can abuse a system, doesn't mean you are immune fr
  5. +rep really nutty at mapping
  6. Zilla


    Hemi is a supercoder btw massive lua, java, javascript, php, html, python, command prompt, linux, mysql, C, C++, and C# experience he worked at a nuclear power plant if that tells you anything not memeing btw this is all true
  7. Zilla


    Hello, I am Zilla and I'm from LG. I play League, Osu, rocket league, and CSGO I'll probably hang out on the course or surf server